Living Up to His Name

Lovebug is officially over the hump.

The "When is Ladybug's Mom going to pick her up and take her home," hump that is.

To be fair, Lovebug has always been crazy about his sister, and just took his adjustment issues out on Husband and I.

I am scared to even type this.

I am looking over my shoulder and expecting lightning to strike my house for even thinking this out loud and putting it online for the world to see; but I have to give credit where credit is due... and Lovebug is back to his lovable self.

Oh he is loud, and he gets his "Time Outs,", and is fresh like a two year old is supposed to be... but he is also sleeping like a champ, and loving on his sister, Father, and I, like crazy.

He is no longer begging and screaming for our attention (at least, not 24 hours a day anymore), he is sneaking up behind me and putting his hand in mine.

He is whispering, "I yuv you," in my ear and dropping his toys when his eye catches me, running across the room, and planting a wet one right on my lips.

I was so scared that Lovebug would never forgive me for having Ladybug, would never go back to his normal love-able self and would forever be a little angry at his sister for stealing his family.

But, just like everyone said he would, he got over it, he adjusted, he made room, and is happy as can be.

Do you ever think, these moments will never happen again??

When you have kids, time seems to move so fast. I often think to myself, if only I could keep them small and tiny, and excited to see me/hug me/kiss me everyday for the rest of their lives... if only.

I wonder... at what point will he not throw his train over his shoulder, and run at me full speed ahead for a hug the second I walk in the door.

I pray it is not for a long, long time.

I also pray he will start dropping the train nicely on the floor, so it wont hit his sister.

Two year olds are such special little people.

The world is a big, chaotic, fun place for them.

Everything is new, and exciting. Everywhere you look is something else to be in awe of, to point at, to sing about... and sometimes, to wear...

Look how he came downstairs this morning when he woke up??

Two different boots (one his, one Husband's), a big t-shirt, no pants (of course), a "farmer" hat, and a "knight" hat... he is growing and changing everyday, so fast I cant even keep up.

But at least for today, he is happiest being a little nutty.

And... a little cuddly.

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  1. You're right. Two IS a special age. Love that you've captured it in these pics.


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