Halloween At Home

Since Halloween was canceled (for real) thanks to the freak Nor'Easter we had this weekend, I have an excuse to keep my Halloween decor up for one more week.

Halloween 2.0 with real Trick or Treating is happening this Saturday, so the black and orange get to live on for a few more days in the Bug house.

Which means I get to finally show you how we decorated (the little we did, womp, womp).

First of all, my mums / cornstalk / pumpkins / American flag combo was ruined by the damn snow. So you don't get to see that one. Boo.

I am obsessed with this feathery wreath I got at Tar-Jay. 

Long story short it had no packaging, no price tag, no hanging thingy. 

So the manager gave it to me for $8, plus the obligatory 30% off all Halloween stuff since I bought it during a sale. 

Pretty sure he was having a bad morning, and saw me coming at him with both Bugs screaming and decided to just give me whatever I wanted.

I threw some orange ribbon on it and called it a day. 

Only after I stared at it for an hour. I am in love.

I also love these guys. 

These bat decals were also on sale for 30% off, making them a whopping 7 bananas. 

The best part is, there are like 100 of them. Not kidding. I didn't even hang up half of them here.

Even the kitchen table got in on the spooky action. 

I don't usually like things so scary, but Lovebug was all about the skeletons, so I went for it.

The orange and black table runner is actually tiger print, left over from Lovebug's 1st birthday party. The bloody hand print cloth on top of it was a whole buck at Dollar Tree.

The skeletons on the chandelier are also from Dollar Tree. They were originally a string of scary garland, but I just cut it up and hung those boney guys up there. 

Kinda morbid, but Lovebug was diggin' the whole "scary monster" thing, so it works.

The whole thing cost me $6, since I re-used some stuff, and the rest was from Dollar Tree or Tar-Jay. 

There is no point in spending money on decorations when I know for sure those plastic spiders are going in someone's ears/mouth/butt.... who knows in this nakey house.

Something I do every Holiday is put out pictures of Holidays past. 

Does that make any sense?? 

Like this: 

On the left is us with Lovebug last year, when he was a pizza and we were Chefs. On the right is Lovebug's first Halloween, when he was a puppy dog. 

Before Saturday's Trick-or-Treaters show up, I will add the newest picture, of Lovebug and Ladybug in their foodie costumes.

So, since Halloween was four days ago, and I am just now showing you how we decorated; you can probably expect a post about Christmas on New Year's. 

Mark your calendars.

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  1. Hey Mama Bug, saw this giveaway and I thought of you. They are a food blog that I follow that just had their first baby. :)


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