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So, you might be noticing something a little different around here today... my beautiful new layout, banner, button.... EVERYTHING combo.

I feel like a NEWWWW woman.

I feel like Beyonce, shakin' my booty all over the damn place.

I feel like Beyonce's fetus (richest, luckiest baby ev-ah... who has Twitter, sidenote).

I feel like Rapunzel when she goes outside for the very first time (only when she's happy, not the whole bi-polar part).

This new layout is perfect for me, it fits like a friggin' glove.

I am also super humble, and laid back about the whole thing too, if you couldn't tell.

I, like a lot of women, am extremely fickle, and sadly only liked my last layout for about 5 minutes.

No disrespect to the designer, but it just didn't feel like me.

I was super excited to get something new back in August, but after a little while, felt like it just wasn't a good fit. Blame it on pregnancy hormones, but I was all, "Yes this is amazing!" for literally a day... and then my BFF was like, "What is up with this, it is totally not you..."

My first thought was, "What a beyotch...." and my second thought was, "Damn it, she's right again."

So after a lot of searching, I found an amazing designer.

And sent her my rough idea for what would work better for me, and my little blog.

She's good right?

Her design is dead on, and even better than I could have ever imagined.

Every time I went to my blog before I felt like I was wearing someone else's pants, something that didn't fit, and made me kind of uncomfortable.

Now this?? This is me, and our family.

It is light, fun, and not really too cutesy. Lord knows I hate cutesy.

So do the Cutie, Patootie, Bugsie- Wubsie, Love-sies.

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