Lovebug Sleep Update

So, I guess I kinda left you all hanging on the whole Lovebug sleep debacle. I have gotten quite a few emails from readers asking what the latest is at Mommy Sleep Bootcamp, but I didn't want to jinx anything by writing too soon.

First of all, let me state for the record that though the Doctor specifically said to me,"Try bribery," it did not work for us.

Even though I took him to the Fire Department and immediately threw the fireman under the bus, "Lovebug, the fireman takes naps, and goes right to sleep at night... don't you Mr. Fireman?"

The guy was like what the hell lady, I'm just here to show him the truck...

He climbed up and down four fire trucks, met a fireman, and touched every tire in the whole building... but still did not sleep that night.

So, then we bought the ladybug night light that so many of our friends recommended.

And a new gate for Lovebug's door so he would stop going Chuck Norris style on the poor old wood one we had.

And then, we let him scream.

And it worked.

The combo of the three put together was just enough.

It totally says, we care about your fears (ladybug night light), we want you safe (new gate), but will not put up with this bull shit forever (cry it out).

The ladybug night light is such an amazing creation that I want one for myself.

This little light show has only been a member of our little family for 10 days, but I know for certain that we cant survive without it. ever. again.

Crying it out lasted one afternoon, just one.

I am sure you remember the "If I cant come out of my room, I will take off my Pull-Up, and my socks, and scream my bloody head off until I pass out on the floor," day.

Lovebug is a fast learner, Thank God because I don't think I could have taken much more of Scream Fest 2011. Cry It Out is a tried and true method for  a reason. It worked when he was 8 months old, and it worked again now.

This whole process has made me a firm believer that as two year olds grow, change, and begin to test their independence, their routines may need to change a bit too.

Our bedtime routine is a slightly altered version from what it used to be.

A bigger/stronger gate for a bigger/stronger boy.

A night light to ease the fears of a child who is beginning to understand a little more about the world around him.

A no-nonsense approach to bedtime to reiterate the fact that contrary to popular belief,
we are in fact in charge around here.

For now anyway.

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