The Ladybug

Not this Ladybug.

Though she is really freaking adorable, and getting bigger, and sweeter by the day.

I am pretty sure I must have cupcakes in my breast milk, cause this kid is pudge-y!!

Anyway, I'm talking about this ladybug.

The one I spent 40 bananas on last night when I flew into the specialty kid's toy store 1 minute before they closed, covered in sweat from the gym.

And when the 16 year old sales girl told me all she had was this neon pink ladybug, and not the boyish turtle one... I did not give a shit and bought the damn thing anyway.

Let me back up.

After my plea yesterday for someone, anyone(!) to help us figure out a way to combat our bedtime woes and fear of the dark; many of you sweetly suggested this glowing stuffed animal. It casts the moon and stars on the ceiling, and only has a few buttons, so it's easy for kids to use themselves.

Truth be told, one of my friends recommended it to me first, and I considered it. But when I got comments, texts, and emails about the same item, I figured it was worth a shot, and the 40 bones, for a night of peace.

And that is what we got. Any victory is a victory in this house people, no matter how small.

Lovebug was presented with his special ladybug toy (if he noticed, or cared that it was pink he did not let on), and immediately loved it. He said, "Are you not scared anymore Mom?" (Could he possibly know that I fear bedtime?)

He only got out of bed twice, and then stayed down for the night. There were no tears, no kicking, no screaming. Who knows what time he finally passed out. It was the quietest night we've had in a long time.

The entire house felt calmer and Lovebug woke up his sweet, well rested self again.

I truly love this little bug and think it is one of the best items I have come across since becoming a Mom. I will definitely give it as a shower gift from now on, because Lovebug was that excited about it, and it is just that good.

However, I am not jumping up and down and doing back flips yet because this little ladybug failed me at nap time today.

(Honestly, it is not the bug's fault. Lovebug has a special hatred for the dark and going to sleep. I'd bet it would work on 9 out of 10 kids no problem.)

 As much as I am entertained by his opening of the door and yelling, "Ta-Da! I'm awake!"... this is getting old, and the cuteness always turns into the chaos that only a two year old can bring.

I'm not giving up though, no way.

I am the Mom, and what I say goes.

Wow, that sounds a lot tougher when I read it out loud than it does when flashlights are flying at my head.

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  1. So happy it worked for you! I hear lots of great things about it and to tell you the truth the price is what has kind of deterred me. I think you have made up my mind. I will be picking it up within the next 24 hours :) Good night...I hope.


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