The Gate

So... even though the ladybug helped ease Lovebug's fear of the dark, it didn't stopped the BS he puts us through before bed every night.

The whole getting out of his bed 97 times and screaming his frickin head off thing was starting to get old.

So, I called his doctor, and begged for an easy way out. There had to be some kind of miracle solution, right??


The doctor gave me the same solution she gave me over a year ago, when I first called her about Lovebug's sleep antics.


Oy, as if the first time wasn't bad enough, now we have to do it to a walking, talking, screaming two year old.

The pediatrician was super positive and even gave me this promising ray of sunshine, "It may take letting him scream for five hours... but he'll eventually go to sleep."

Awesome; five hours, no big deal.

Since my last post about Lovebug's sleep issues he also significantly raised the stakes on us. He started kicking the gate in his doorway down (he would literally karate chop that poor old wooden gate). He also started stripping, and taking off his Pull-Up. Like, "If I can't play, I'll be naked! Whhoooo!"
Anyway, the doctor says, "Step 1, buy a better gate...step 2, let him scream".

And that is exactly what we did.

First I headed to Wal-Mart to spend another 40 bananas on Lovebug's sleep rehab (that is a total of $80 so far, in case you're keeping track). I picked up another one of the best gates of all time (seriously, I should know, Lovebug broke like 3 before we found these indestructible ones), had Husband install it, and braced myself for a nap time wail fest.

In case anyone is wondering what a too smart for is own good two year old scream fest sounds like, it sounds like this;

"Mom...Mom...Mom...Mom..I can HEAR YOU! I know you're DOWN THERE!

Mom... Mom... Mom... MOM... Are your ears workin'?

Mom..Mom..Mom..Mom.. I'm tired of this Mom!

Mom... I'm calm, I'm cool, I'm a good boy, I'm being quiet, I'm not yelling....... (deep breath for the wind up) MOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!"

After an hour and a half, I realized it was quiet.
My first thought was, "Oh God, he screamed himself to death..." but upon going upstairs and taking a peak, I realized that was not the case.

Instead I found a passed out doll face, who had taken off his socks, and Pull-Up passed out on the floor.

That was yesterday.... today, he opted to stay in his bed, and went down first try!!

Parents: 1
Screaming Toddler: 0

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  1. You poor thing. I HATE cry it out but it sure does work. I love that picture! Awesome post!

    Btw...we got the ladybug star thingy (they actually only had the ladybug in stock at Target) and although S loves it, he still wants the lights on when i leave the room. Oh well...we gave it a shot!


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