Thank You Kirby

How do I say this like a lady?
Today I picked up a big pile of shit off my bedroom floor. I guess there is really no nice way to say it.

Lovebug was doing his no diaper thing and then he let out a big ol' fart. Long story short, I thought I had more time than I did to get the potty, and when I came back, there were multiple lumps of turd on my bedroom floor. On my side of the bed to boot. Wonderful.

I was actually more concerned with the fact that I couldn't pawn this disgusting job off on Husband than I was about the carpet. I tried not to freak out, being that he did tell me he had to go, and it was my fault for not getting the potty under his ass fast enough (note to self: run more at the gym so I can keep up with Lovebug's bowels).

Anyway, the point of all this nastiness, is to tell you that I am obsessed with Kirby Carpet Shampoo, and you should be too. This stuff is fan-freaking-tastic and a must have for anyone with a child, animal, or husband (contrary to popular belief, they are not all the same thing).

A little Kirby Carpet Shampoo and ::poof!::, the shit is gone, literally. Oh don't you worry, it doesn't stop there... this stuff works on upholstery too. It is amazing and has even made my blood pressure go down, seriously, I don't stress about stains anymore. I even ordered this big boy gallon jug off Amazon when my teeny tiny bottle that I was rationing like a maniac, was empty.

I challenge someone to prove me wrong. Let my son come over, poop on your carpet, and I promise Kirby Carpet Shampoo will get the stain out. If it doesn't, I will buy you a great throw rug that you can put over the spot. You'll never know the difference.

Any takers??

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