I Have A Secret

By 8 pm every night, I am ready to curl up in a ball and fall asleep on the floor. Last week, I sat down to tie my shoes, lay down, and took a 3 minute nap before Lovebug came and jumped on my face.

The week before that Husband threw out an entire bag of bakery fresh poppy seed bagels. He put the entire brown bag of them on top of the garbage, "accidentally". I opened the garbage, dusted off the bag, reached in, checked out my still perfect bagels and ate one. Out of the garbage.

A few days later, when Lovebug pooped all down his leg, I took one look at his green chunky poop covered calf and puked into the sink.

This morning I woke up and noticed that my neck is getting shorter. This is happening a little more everyday as my boobs get bigger, my neck gets shorter. I am starting to look like a weeble. Or a carmel apple, on a stick.

Have you guessed yet??

I am pregnant!!

I am due in August with our second little Lovebug...Newbug! We will not find out Newbug's sex until delivery, as we did with our first pregnancy as well. The surprise was the best of our lives, and we cant wait to experience it all over again.

Maybe the clues have added up for you.... Lovebug's new room, his earlier than usual potty training. Yup, we are getting ready to start all over again!! We are excited and feel so blessed that our family is growing. It has always been our dream to have a lot of kids and a bunch of chaos, craziness, and love surrounding us at all times.

To be honest, (again) aside from being super tired at night, and having the occasional brownie, oh, every other day... I feel fantastic. I love being pregnant. It feels totally and completely normal and wonderful to me.

A large part of why I feel so fantastic may be because I have continued to work out. Yup, judge me if you like, but I am still in the gym 4 or 5 days a week. And you know what, it has only helped make this pregnancy that much easier for me. I am strong enough to juggle Lovebug and the groceries and myself at the same time! More than that, the gym is something I do FOR ME... which as Mothers, is something we forget to do.

I of course, am already worried about not having enough time for Lovebug, who is most definitely my very best friend. I tell myself however, that after two months, Lovebug wont even remember life without Newbug. I also know for sure that I am 100% a better person because of my siblings. My life would be completely different without them, and each of them have helped shaped me into the woman I am today. I hope our two little Bugs will be the best of little friends, and that every once in awhile, they will include me in the fun.

I took the video below when we dropped our good news on our family way back in January. They were pretty excited about it, if you couldn't tell! Enjoy!!

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