Farm Field Trip

Here is your disclaimer- I am not really a Nature lover. Once, I actually said, "I hate Nature." I have grown up a lot since making that statement, but my family still loves to remind me of my "hating Nature," days anyway.

There was a reason I made such a snotty remark. My parents. It's their fault. Really it is. They used to put us (my 3 siblings and I) in the car and drive us around FOR HOURS searching for moose, or birds. Seriously, who searches for birds.

We did, that's who. It was ridiculous, and made me have a hatred for all things Nature and car sickness related. Ugh, those loooong rides to nowhere looking at tree barks and bird feathers.

You see, that's not Nature. At least, not the cool kind. Not the get your sweat on, sun on your brow, mud on your sneaks, leaves crunching, kind of Nature. That is Nature from the back row of a Clubwagon... borrring!

Now that Lovebug is old enough to NEED to do something different EVERYDAY, I am a big fan of Nature. In case you haven't figured it out for yourself yet, fresh air is like Tylenol PM for toddlers... yes please!!

So, the other day we checked out  this cool farm that lets you get up close and personal with all the animals. We saw horses, ponies, donkeys, pigs, guinea hens, chickens, sheep, goats, emus, llamas.... the list goes on. I have to be honest, my Nature hating self did rear her ugly head when we went into the chicken coop. That place smelled like shit. Seriously, there is no sugar coating it, any other word would not suffice or properly explain how terrible that little house smelt, it smelled like shit. Chicken shit.

Lovebug was super excited to check out every inch of this place, but much like his Mommy, was okay with keeping a healthy distance from the animals. We are totally look, don't touch farm fans. The mom in me couldn't help but think of hand sanitizer the whole time we were there.

Lovebug and I were dumb founded at the size of the pigs. We are not often silent, but our mouths just hung open... we couldn't even speak. These things were massive. The pictures below do them NO JUSTICE. Imagine instead a Mini Cooper, and that is a more accurate dipiction of how big these freaking bigs were. I never in my life knew that pigs could grow to the size of a cow. The farmer told us they weigh around 800 lbs.

Whhhat?? So much for Charlotte's Web and Babe being accurate... (the talking animals didn't give it away). Cute little squeaking pigs these were not... it took everything they had to get up off their lazy pig asses to eat the food we threw into their pen. One of them even rolled it's eyes at us when Lovebug threw a roll on the other side of his little house. If we were in a movie that pig definitely would have been like, "Come onnn dude, that is so far away!!!"

Other than the huge pigs, and being momentarily chased by two big gobbling turkeys, our time at the farm was really fun. I am a sucker for Lovebug's over excited-ness, and he of course, delivered ten fold when he saw all of the animals at the Farm.
Before we left, Lovebug even shook the farmer's hand, and blew kisses to the horses.. Amazing, a kid getting excited about hands on Nature, as opposed to Nature from the back of a church van.... imagine that.

Don't worry Mom; Lovebug will have his own horror stories about the dumb things I made him do one day too.

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