Big Boy Room... It Begins

In our slowly-but-surely quest to get Lovebug's own big boy room started, I have started Craigslist-ing... yes!

A chair like this one, which we bought off Craigslist when he was still in-ma-belly, is essential.

 Lovebug is big on his books, and sometimes, he will even sit quietly in his room and read while I fold laundry. These are my favorite days of all time. It is bittersweet to see his little feet sticking off the cushion, balancing a book on his leg, babbling all alone. But the silence, oh the silence is glorious. Don't judge me.

Lucky for us, I found the exact same chair in a different color for the big boy room. The first one we bought (in neutral green gingham since we didn't know the sex of what/who was growing in-ma-belly) for $250!!! Granted, this is not your run of the mill chair, it is from Baby USA, a top of the line muy expensivo baby boutique. These puppies run a crazy $600-$800 big ones new.

We were not thrilled with the $250 price tag, but have used it every.single.day. of Bug's life, and are, in hindsight, totally okay with the pricey purchase. Especially now that we bought this guy.

Green Gingham's brother, Denim Blue, for half the price!!

Yup, the nice couple who sold it to us said they sadly NEVER USED IT! It was a home to dolls and stuffed animals! Kinda like how treadmills become laundry baskets.

For $125 (you know it was priced higher at $150 and I schmoozed the guy down, I love schmoozing) we are totally in love and cant wait to start building Lovebug's room in secret when he isn't looking. The plan is to give him a big reveal on his 2nd birthday, after all the partying stops, so he is so tired he just conks out no problem. Sounds good right?? Famous last words I am sure.

Oh yeh, this chair didn't come empty handed. The great couple who sold us Denim Blue insisted we take this guy, FO' FREE.

Some quick googling taught me that these babies run for anywhere between $50 - $150!!!! BOO-YAH!

They were cleaning out the closets, and this needed to go! Lovebug loves it already! Let's not forget Mommy. I like toys like I like my men...strong, solid, and silent, this one passes the test!!

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