We're Gonna Walk, Around, The Block, Today!

Or.. we already did.

Yup, Lovebug took his first ever walk on his own two legs allll the wayyy around the block. He did so great and held my hand the entire time like a good little Bug.

We also stopped at every mailbox, every sewer, every basket ball hoop, every pile of almost-gone snow... he was like a dog, marking his territory in words.

"Mail!" "B-ball!" "Car!"

Bless his little heart he absolutely loved that walk. We are lucky enough to live in a quiet neighborhood with basically no cars during the day, so I felt totally safe and excited to take the Bug on his first stroll.

I think sometimes it's important to try to see things through a child's eyes, where everything is new and exciting and two feet high.

Little man running all over the driveway!

Dragging Mommy everywhere

Gross snow

So happy to be outside!! Hurry up Spring!

Sorry for the 4 letter word video... haha, it never gets old.

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