Husband found the perfect "non-TV-stand-looking" console table for our living room. I can't believe it, but I have to give credit where credit is due. My Veteran/Weight Lifting/Beer Drinking/Farting Husband is getting pretty damn good at decorating, I am so proud. He would be pissed if he knew I told the whole world he has an inner Martha Stewart, but it's true, the man's got taste.

He knew I wanted a piece that looked more like furniture, and less like something from the Jetson's. He knew I wanted something dark, to match the feet on our gorgeous-new-love-of-my-life-I-kiss-it-everyday couch, and something to match our Craigslist coffee and end tables. We also wanted it to offer storage for toys, books, and laptops... Check, Check, Check.

I gotta hand it to the guy, he followed all the rules (Husband had hoped for something with no glass, but we may replace it with plexi) and I love the final outcome. Not all Husbands are capable of picking out furniture (Dad, I am looking at you), so I am overly proud and impressed with Husband's find.

Oh yeh, where did we find this all encompassing piece of luxurious-ness?? Home Goods (where we also found the "Bing-Bing" art)... who woulda thought??

Major Upgrade dude.

Before: Craigslist find, did the job

After: Sleek, sexy little TV Console table looking goooood

Husband plans to hide the wires behind the wall in due time. I plan to somehow finagle a TV frame onto that wall without telling Husband. I mean, I would tell him, but the item I want is discontinued from Pottery Barn, and 500 bananas... so it is going to take a lot of Internet searching, and begging, and foot stamping to get my way on that one.

Oh yeh, for those that are paying close attention... that IS a bigger TV in the second picture. We put our 42 inch in the basement and brought the 50 inch upstairs where it belongs... why did the playroom / man cave have the nicer TV? I have no idea. (We shop TV sales... you should too!)

There you have it, major upgrade, thanks to this guy.

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