There are no words to describe the way Lovebug felt about seeing Thomas and Friends live on stage this weekend. He was a little ball of happiness; squealing and clapping, and dancing his little booty off. Seriously, it was amazing to watch.

The seats, though expensive at $50 a head, even for our 30 pound wonder (who didn't sit in his own seat for 5 seconds) were totally worth the money. Seeing the joy and excitement in Lovebug's eyes was honestly priceless.

As corny as it sounds, his happiness was worth the 150 big ones we shelled out to watch a giant train roll around on stage.
Speaking of the stage, the show was actually really good! I mean, as good as motorized trains with weird robotic British accent voices can be. The entire cast was made up of just five actors, who went above and beyond to entertain the nine billion kids in the audience.

My one complaint was that the Intermission was far too long. Twenty minutes is like a freaking life time to a child who has just enjoyed a full half hour of Thomas and Friends Heaven.

Lovebug was thrilled when the lights re-dimmed and he could get back to his "Hi Percy! Hi Top Hat! Hi Thomas!" screaming. He made a point to call out each and every time the venue was silent, and the parents surrounding us couldn't stop smiling and giggling in our direction. Husband and I were beaming idiots. We couldn't get enough of Lovebug's sheer joy, he had us laughing the entire show. It seems crazy that this is how we spend our weekends, and our money now... but in a good way. Crazy in a good way, like our over excited rugrat.

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