Steals & Deals

I am sad to say that this week's Steals & Deals actually did involve a real life steal. My kid is a klepto.

Dora made her way into my cart at an un-named large-world-domination-discount store. I had loaded us up with sale pajamas when an employee came up and whispered in my ear, "Tomorrow they'll be $1"... I was like woah lady, hold the phone... a buck?!?!

So, I promptly threw all of the pajamas back on the shelf. I am not exactly sure of the details of the crime, but somehow, some way, Lovebug snagged a Dora as I walked away. Since I didn't end up buying anything at all; I just headed out the door, back to the car, put the Bug in his seat, and started to bring back that cart. That's when I saw it. A small, flat package in the bottom of my cart.

Size 18 months, pink, Dora the Explorer pajamas. Man, the kid couldn't even take something useful?! He cant possibly wear them! And I cant give them as a gift (who gives Dora as a gift??). Lovebug was already in his seat, and Lord knows taking him back out of the seat, back into the cart, back into the store, to wait in a 20 person line to return a $3 pair of pajamas, wasn't high on my list.

I can no longer find said stolen jammies... maybe Lovebug walked to the store while I wasn't looking and returned them out of guilt. Or maybe, I dreamt the whole thing, and my son is actually not a klepto after all.

Either way, I myself didn't return them. So, consider me an accessory to a crime. I am a terrible role model.
Okay, I'm over it. Moving on.

I have been dying to fill this nake-y wall for months. I was going for a large mirror like you would see in a dining room, even though this is our everyday-all-meal room... (seeing as we don't even have a dining room).

 Every time I found the "perfect" mirror, it has a less than perfect price tag of anything from $100- $400. That is a little too much to spend on something that will just sit on the wall and not move, or do my dishes.

Nakey Wall next to the doorway-- is huge and sad.

Imagine my surprise when I found this big boy at Wal-Mart... wearing no price tag. Wal-Mart isn't known for their aesthetically pleasing home decor, so I was pretty shocked to find this puppy. I hunted down an Employee with a swiper thing-y, who told me it was $39.99. Seriously! Whhha?? Less than 40 bananas?? Sold!!

When Husband continues his wainscoting in here this room will be finished!

Look, even some detail.. for $40! Not too shabby Wal-Mart!

In an effort to organize our lives, I have been pushing Husband to centrally locate himself, and his "stuff". In English, that means that my Husband is forever dropping his keys one place, his wallet in another, and glasses and laptop somewhere else. Fast forward to 8 am when Husband is leaving for work having a panic attack because he cant find his stuff... every.day.

So when I saw this key holder that is made of stone, I grabbed it.

I love the clean lines, and it is heavy as hell... like 4 pounds. So it's not some flimsy run of the mill junk you can find anywhere. I searched on line for a comparable to show you, but to no avail. Most key holders are not 4 lb pieces of stone with heavy duty hooks, most are crap, for more than 20 bananas a piece mind you.

How much for this beautiful, entry-way-completing bad boy??

$4.99 -- as in, less than 5 smackarels.

Damn, I'm good. And so are you TJ Maxx, so are you.

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