Potty, Potty

Yup... it's that time!

Well, it might not be, but I am giving it a good try anyway.

I have been reading some books, and chatting up other Moms about their techniques. There is more information on potty training on Google than there is about breast pumps, or crossfit, or log cabins, or parking lot striping, or smoke alarms... separately, not combined, but still.

Interestingly enough, there is more information about throw pillows than there is about potty training... weird huh??

Potty training is like politics. Everyone has an opinion, and theirs is probably better and more right than yours will ever be. So, I am just going to give it a good shot and hope for the best. And, if it doesn't work and Lovebug keeps rockin' his Pampers for another year, that will be okay too.

Here's to giving it a try... don't be surprised to see 12 packages of lollipops and a potty in my living room if you plan on coming over anytime soon.

Wish us luck!


  1. Best piece of toilet training wisdom I got was, "They won't go to high school in their diapers, so don't worry about it." One didn't master it until right before he entered pre school at four - other one was good just around three. All children are different - and Easton will master it when he's ready! By the way, saw the coolest thing on the Today Show. It was a toilet seat for a regular toilet with a little toilet seat built in that you can put down when you need it and put up when you don't! How awesome is that? I never did the little potty thing so this would have been a dream come true!

  2. Great minds think alike!! We just bought that toilet lid with the built in seat-- it isn't ugly and is totally practical and quick!! But.. we are teaching on the little potty first, which is in the living room!


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