Peep This...

My son is starting to really feel the affects of his double ear infection... as in, he is turning into the devil. So, when nap time rolled around, I was more than ready to have a few minutes to myself to do something mindless.

So I made this.

I wish I had trimmed that stupid "peep-tail" at the top of the wreath before snapping these pics- it is driving me crazy!

Peep this. That's what I call my little wreath... rather, that's what I say when people look at it, and then me funny... I say, "Peep this,".. sometimes I add a "yo," at the end for good measure.

So, if you are looking for the most mindless, cheapest Easter craft of all time, peep this, yo.

All materials (except the pink hanging ribbon, which I had on hand) are from Dollar Tree. Which made this project a budget busting five buckaroos. It would have been four, but I sprung for the extra package of peeps, just in case someone (Husband) snagged one on me and left me short handed.

I started by shaving the edges of the wreath for a rounder look. (It makes a small mess, as seen here.)

Then I grabbed my trusty glue gun (if you don't have one, they are 5 bucks at Wal-Mart, go get one, you'll use it eventually) and wrapped the ribbon around and around... gluing, wrapping, gluing, wrapping.

After about 10 minutes, I had this.

Then I popped open my peeps, and took the row of 4, and glued it on, in a row of 4. Originally I had planned on gluing them one by one, but I realized these suckers are pretty bendable, and they just went the way I wanted them to. In the end it saved me the energy of having to make sure everything was all lined up. I did separate their little ears.

This wreath took 3 rows of 4, and a set of 2. Before I glued on the last two, I found this spare pink ribbon I had in my craft box and wrapped it around the wreath so I could hang it.

That's it. Half an hour project for five bananas and a package of peeps left over for Husband to stuff his face with.

Now, I know what you are going to ask. And the answer is, I have no idea if this thing will be safe for storing and keeping for another year. I am petrified of bugs in my house (not that I think ants would want hard as rock peeps, but you never know), soo... there is a damn good chance I will toss it after Easter. Then again, maybe not!

And one more time... just cause she's so purrrty.

Psssttt.... You didn't think I was crafty enough to come up with this little number all by myself did you?? Nope, I stumbled onto this fantastic site all about crafts people do with stuff from the dollar store!! Let me tell you, there are some creative folks out there! Take a look!

Wanna check out what other crafty bloggers are up to these days?? Click here or here and browse through the hundreds of thumbnails full of creative inspiration!


  1. I am totally going to make one!

  2. You definitley should! So easy and cheap! Plus, as Tyler says, "Peeps are disgusting anyway!"


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