More Free "Art"

Remember this "art" from Christmas?? That I threw together with a $4 picture frame and a 2005 calendar??

Well, she's back. In an effort to clean and organize our lives, I am trashing things right and left. It is glorious. I came across this calendar again in the purge of the guest room desk. I paused and looked through the sassy bitties and their snide remarks. How could I part with so many women just like myself??

I couldn't. And so, I framed another one. This one isn't for the Holidays, or a season... it's for life. She is my new best friend.

I scrounged threw some old frames I had and found this puppy... for free, it works.

Soo... I took out the picture, threw in some scrapbook paper on the sides where the frame was too large, and Sassy was too small. It took about 22 seconds.

Here she is in all her glory. My new best friend. Sassy. Free Art.

"I dreamed my whole house was clean."

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