Couch Saga, Part 3... It's Here!

Yay, yay, yay! I may have booty popped all over my house this weekend, while electric sliding myself towards our new, gorgeous, perfect sized couch!! (White girl + booty popping + electric slide = bad combo).

Oh beautiful sectional that is stain resistant and tucks so nicely into the corner and still leaves us tons of room for toys... how I love thee.

Of course, the new addition to the "house family" means we are moving pillows around to see what works, (these puppies used to be in the living room, see below), and scouring Craigslist for extra side chairs, (the recliner is just temporary folks), and a new-to-us TV stand.

Musical Pillows!

We are hoping, like the geeks that we are, for a date night at IKEA later on this week. Don't judge us, we know we're losers, we don't need you rolling your eyes at us and making it worse!

And because I love a good Before / After Sequence: A feast for your eyes, enjoy!

Before: Too big, too bulky, too much!

After: Perfect sized, tight back, room to grow!

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