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For those of you who like to just look at pictures... I'll get to the point, we bought a rug.

For the rest of you...

Remember when I hung up my steal of a mirror, and said, "All we have to do is finish the wainscoting and then we're done..." yeh, well, I was leaving out one detail. The whole, Husband is obsessed with finding an area rug, detail. I try to ignore him, but for the life of me I cant get him to shut up sometimes... (my family is rolling their eyes at the irony of this statement.)

You see, when we were working on our house before we moved in, we had a minor leak situation that lead to our contractor grade wood floors warping a teeny, tiny bit. As in, not even noticeable to me. But Husband, man, he has issues with those little mountains and valleys in the floor... he loathes them.

For months now, years actually, Husband has complained about the damage to our floors. We even went so far as to have Empire Today come and give us a RIDICULOUS price on refinishing our floors, just to humor Husband. After the guy gave us a hand shake and an estimate that could buy a used Honda, I suggested we find an area rug to cover the damn floors.

We've been on the hunt ever since.

And then yesterday, we found her.

A 7.9 x 9.6 rug that fit our price range. Hey, if those thrifty kids over at Young House Love  (the Oprah of blogs, for those of you that live under a blog rock) think $250 is a good price for a large rug, then we do too.

Our rug was actually priced at $299, but Husband talked the manager (at Home Goods, Husband's favorite store) into giving us an extra 10% off because of a "crease" in the carpet. (Side note: said crease was eliminated in two seconds when we vacuumed it...wooo hooo!!) A tiny bit of elbow work, and a long car ride with a rug in Lovebug's face, were a small price to pay for our beautiful, soft, $270 purchase. Gorgeous, cheap, and it fits.... Boo-yah.

We were a little nervous about the color-size situation. We knew we liked it in the store, but we all know what happens when you get things home, and the lighting changes.. it's a crap shoot really.

Pretty damn close to this $500 (ON SALE) option  at Pottery Barn

And this time, we lucked out. The color changed in our favor, and the coral looking stuff makes our wood floors pop. Husband may have lucked out too... because the area rug removes the "nakey" feeling the room had before. Meaning he is off the hook for hanging more wainscoting... for now.

Psssttt... can anyone out there give me any tips on how to use my camera and how to work with bad lighting??

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  1. looks fab!! Try taking the pics with the lights off and using the natural light (behind you).


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