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One of the main reasons that we are moving is to give our kids a better education.

I don't love the school system here, and I feel like the kids are already starting to show signs of working with a less than stellar program.

That's just my two cents and you don't have to agree with it.

So, it's almost April, and I have been a little disappointed in the progress that my Girlfriend has been making with her reading... and alphabet sounds.

We work together regularly and I have already sent her to a friend of mine who specializes in this type of thing.

I have been in touch with the teacher, repeatedly, like a loon, and she keeps saying, "not to worry, blah blah...."

But, I am worried anyway.

Let me give you an example of why I am stressed about GF's reading....

She came to me and said... "Mommy! Mommy! East said the "T" word!"

So I'm thinking...the "t" word?? how old am I? There's a new word?

I'm like, tell me my seven year old said "tit"... and I'm gonna lose it.

Clearly I was ill prepared for this, "t word / new swear" conversation...

And she's all, "Yeh, you know! The "t" word! Mom YOU KNOW the "t" word!"

So I'm thinking really hard here, and I'm like do I say "tit" right now?

No. No of course not... what the Hell would I offer up a new word for?

As I was busy being bipolar with myself Girlfriend was all..

"You know, the "t" word... ta- ta- ta- FUCK!"

Oh of course... the "t" word is fuck.

And literally all I could think in that moment is, my five year old thinks fuck starts with "t".

It didn't even bother me that she, and he, apparently everyone, is saying fuck...

It bothered me that she didn't know the "f" sound...

At least my priorities are straight, right?


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  1. The "t" word.. I would think the same as you. Apparently you do have to worry about the education. Thanks for the post. Regards from Job Searching Mom Blog


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