The Baby

My littlest guy, is funny, like the rest of them, but more dead pan.

Very matter of fact funny, like never intentionally.

He also rolls deep.

He 100% prefers to be near his brother and sister, and doesn't actually talk much or act like himself when they aren't around.

For bed time, since he can't be with his siblings, he has acquired his own little tribe of things to bring with him to sleep.

The other kids never did this, they never had something they loved and needed for bed.

My baby though, he has a Pottery Barn blanket that he named, "Taa" - as in "tag" with no "g".

It is super duper well loved.

Somewhere along the line he added a stuffed animal of a Bernese Mountain Dog, whom I quickly named Rosie because I thought she was a short lived thing and would only last a day.

Except "Wosie," soon became part of the team... followed by a tiger, named "Dragon."

Kids are weird, I have no idea why the tiger is named Dragon.

Anyway, bedtime without these three pretty much wouldn't exist.

So one night Husband is juuust about to dip out for the Gym at bed time, which, side note, OF COURSE my husband would go to the Gym at bed time.

How about after bed time dude?

Anyway, right as he is about to leave I cant find Taa... who is like the head Gangster in the crew.

If Taa doesn't sleep, NO ONE SLEEPS.


So Taa is missing and I am PANICKING.



I am tearing the house apart with such speed and determination... if you were to happen to walk into my house at this exact moment you might think I lost my engagement ring.

Or my mind.

But it was just the most important blanket in the world and IT WAS MISSING!


So now Husband is mad that he cant leave for the Gym, and the big kids are mad because it's bedtime and they are in their beds, and Taa is missing so their troll of a little brother is fucking their shit up...

Like pacing back and forth in their rooms just looking for trouble, ya know?

And I am downstairs literally tossing shit around the house like a maniac and I'm like...


No sooner were the words out of my mouth that my little guy pops around the corner in his little undies and he's all: "I'll help you find the damn thing, Mom!"

And just like that, I'm smiling and laughing and marveling at my ridiculous life.

I am so lucky to have these insane monsters to keep my head right.

Oh and Taa was found... inside the seat of a fire truck... of course.

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