Surprise Snow Day

I pulled this crafty little number out of my arse last week when we had a surprise snow day and my monsters were being monsters and needed centering and entertainment.

This is a good one because you will have all the ingredients on hand.

AND... you can trust ME when I say that.

I am not like those other bitches you see on line that are like, "Oh just pop into your pantry, and you'll have all the fixins for this lovely crafting afternoon! All you'll need is 27 glitter eyeballs, a squirrel's ear, 7 penguin feathers, an orchid, and a silver dollar from 1974."

No bitch.

I would bet five bucks that you have all this shit at your house right now.

First... gather your supplies.

Then... gather your monsters.

Then pick up the monsters in one hand, and the supplies in the other, and smash the two together until you have a perfect pinterest crafting afternoon.

Or just dole out the goods and let them go to town.

The abbreviated, you're not stupid, explanation of this craft is this:

Grab some glass plates, the lower the better so you don't waste all your daggone milk...  I used pie plates.

Of which I apparently have three.

I have no clue why... who the heck makes that many pies at once?

Anyway, pour the milk, squeeze in some food coloring, hand the kids a q-tip, and bada bing bada boom... you've got yourself a real life artistic masterpiece.

This little project kept everyone excited, intrigued and involved for almost 20 minutes.

I absolutely call that a win.

Any time I can keep them altogether in one space, I am happy.


You can't plan crafts like this and then be mad when they make a mess... that's just a part of life, parenting, childhood... the world.

It's just the way it goes, if they are calm and quiet, you will probably have to clean up a mess.


In this case, our craft ended with a shower for everyone because my Girlfriend, God love her, can't do ANYTHING without eventually putting whatever it is all over her.

Anyway, put this one in your rolodex of things that you will try when you have tried everything else.

Fair warning: by the end, everything will be a weird shade of dark green brown, and your kids might probably be covered in milk.

But they'll be happy... and you'll get a break, if only for a few minutes, while your kids cover themselves in milk.

Sounds like a fair trade to me... amIright?

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