Ruby Tuesday Garden Bar Review & Giveway

So I hear from companies from time to time about doing Giveaways and Reviews, and sometimes, I feel like their product probably wont be a good fit for us.

But food?

FOOD is always a good fit for me.

So needless to say, I was SO PUMPED when the good looking people at Ruby Tuesday reached out and asked if our whole crew would be interested in trying out their new, humongous Garden Bar.

I was like all the yes's... all of them. Please put the food in my belly.

So before I jump into this, let me just say that while Ruby Tuesday invited us to check out their new salad bar on them, they didn't ask me to talk about anything else outside of the salad bar.

But, come on, hello.. do you know me?

I'm going to give you every last detail... whether you like it or not!!

So I wish I had a photo of this, but the very first thing that happened was two staff members OPENED THE DOORS FOR US while we were walking in.

I know, I know, here is where a photo of two smiling faces holding doors should go, but guys, I was so surprised and so into feeling like someone special, that I totally forgot to grab my camera.

As soon as we were all settled, we ordered the kid's dinners and a family sized Shareable Appetizer (The Trio Sampler).

I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED that there was PICTURES of the dinner options on the Kid's Menu.

Seriously, why doesn't every restaurant do this?!

We were all, "Point to what you want," and then we were done! Genius!

Ruby Tuesday = Leaders of the Kid's Menu pack.

Once the kids were all set, I made a mad dash for the Garden Bar.

The first thing I noticed, was an attendant, who was constantly pulling things out, putting new things in, making sure that no weird drops of things got in the wrong bin, and that every surface was spotless.

Nice touch, RT (can I call you RT?).

Now I have to be honest here, there were so many options at the salad bar (58 total!) that I didn't even know what some of them were!

Guys, it's huge.

There was a whole section of just cheese!

 And there's hummus!

And artichoke hearts!

And even an entire corner dedicated to crunchy things!

Pumpernickel croutons, candied walnuts... chips on top of my salad? Yes please!

Everything was super fresh and CLEAN!

I know I already said that, but if you ask me, it's worth repeating.

I hate when I go to a salad bar that looks like a hundred people have been there before me, ya know?

Anyway, I made my masterpiece and headed back to the table, where everyone was digging in and trading french fries for onion rings.

Husband ordered a side of salmon (an extra $5) and I ordered a side of grilled chicken (an extra $4), which magically appeared at our table as soon as we sat down with our Garden Bar creations.

 We just dumped our extra protein right on top, and we were instantly skinnier!

Well we were, until we went back for seconds!

You see, when the waitress was all, "Enjoy our Garden Bar for $9.99! Endless trips!"

I accidentally thought she was challenging me... so I jumped up and slapped the table like, "GIRL... IT'S ON!"

Needless to say, I left with a FULL belly.

I know this is going to sound weird, but my favorite part was actually the salad dressing.


I am pretty much a blue cheese connoisseur - a restaurant instantly fails my Credibility Test when they hand me a packet of store bought dressing.

All of the salad dressing at Ruby Tuesday on the other hand, was yummy and made fresh, in house, daily!

I know, because I asked. Of course I did.

I also asked if there were any plans to sell their dressing because I would have bought a keg of it.

You can just go ahead and wipe that look off your face, and leave me and my keg of blue cheese dressing alone... mmmkay?

If you're wondering, each of my picky eaters finished off their dinners and then, of course, we went for dessert.

Good Lord, it was amazing, plus... how could you say no to something with seventy five spoons in it??

 As we were leaving, we found out that on Tuesdays kids eat FREE with purchase of an adult entree...sooo if you need us on Tuesdays,  you know where we'll be.

We loved that atmosphere was casual, and not too loud...so we weren't super worried about the kids acting like perfect little angels (like that happens).


We heard the waitstaff sing Happy Birthday, (twice) and I was kind of wishing it was my birthday.

They did the cutest yelling, clapping, stomping thing... and you guys know I love all of those things!

I give our night out at the Ruby Tuesday's Garden Bar a TEN OUT OF TEN.

See? Here we are, all smiles! 

All that to say... has it been ten years since you've been to Ruby Tuesday? Or ten days? Ten minutes?

However long it's been... if you're interested in checking out Ruby Tuesday FOR FREE... They were kind enough to offer one Our Tiny Place reader a $50 gift card!

How's that for good news?

And, since the good looking people at Ruby Tuesday are just so dag-gone sweet, they want you to have this coupon... for a free kid's meal with purchase of adult entree.

 Good for any night! Not just Tuesday!

((Side note: I loved that when I used that coupon above (click the link), I didn't have to print it out...
I just pulled out my phone, showed the waitress my screen shot, and I was good!))

So what are you waiting for?

Stop Reading! Go!

Fill out the Giveaway!

Good Luck!

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***Shout out and big hugs to Ruby Tuesday for working with us, and sponsoring this post... they fed our bellies, but all of the pounds gained and opinions given are my own!


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  1. Hey! I love your blog! Discovered you on Instagram today. Last time I visited Ruby Tuesday was with my parents mid-December after a huge ice storm (that required me to stay with them for the weekend). My Dad LOVES the Ruby Tuesday salad bar, and I heard about the big change (texting him now to tell him). Their burgers & cheddar biscuits are to die for!! ☺️ I entered the giveaway (Carissa R., Instagram wildflowercarissa). If I win, I will definitely treat myself and my parents to the salad bar. Thank you!!


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