Our Yellow Front Doors

A few years back I decided that our house needed to say, "Happy," as soon as you saw it.

We live in a builder basic home, which aside from the abundance of chaos and love pouring out the windows, is pretty much your cut and dry boring 90's colonial.

I wanted something that said; we are different, we are EXCITED!, we are happy!

So... we piled the whole crew into the car and went to Lowe's...

Where I grabbed the very first bright yellow that I saw...

I thought, it's yellow, but maybe too bright?

Maybe too happy?

So I turned it over, and there, in black and white font, I had my answer.

This larger than life color wasn't "too happy," it was just, "Happy."

Yes, the first color I picked was named, "Happy," and so we bought a few gallons and the rest is history.

From that day forward we described our home as, "the big white one, with the yellow front doors," or "you know the house with two yellow doors?" or "you know the house with the front doors that look like the smiley face head?"

We said it all, and I was so proud of those front doors... I still am actually.

And you know what is absolutely adorable? You know who else is proud of them?

The kids.

I have received COUNTLESS drawings of our home, all complete with bright yellow doors.

The kids LOVE those doors... they exude their little personalities... there is literally no better color in the world for our front doors.

Unless.. you are selling your house and you have a Nazi Home Stager telling you what to do... and then, the yellow gots to go.

I'm not sure if we will ever have yellow doors again, so this kind of feels like the end of an era to me.

It's silly, but it does.

The kids are DEVASTATED.

We are legitimately taking away every single thing that makes this house unique, and exciting... everything that makes it their home, is gone.

This past weekend, our doors got a boring make over.... the color is called "Colonial Red," so you can just imagine how colonial and cookie cutter and boring it looks.

But true to their nature, these little guys found a way to make me proud even while I was mourning being the "yellow door house..."

First off, they told me why they hated the red doors, which made my heart happy because ... they get me.


They listed off fifty rational reasons that yellow was the right color for our fun and happy home....

While they yammered on, I couldn't help but smile, even though my front doors are now red and stupid...

My kids are cute and smart...

And like the little sponges and students that they are... the yellow doors had taught them exactly what I needed them to.

The kids enjoyed the special feeling of being different, of being a little loud, and a little quirky..

The kids said, "We don't want a front door like everyone else's- we want to be different!!"


If my kid's could just continue to look at life through their yellow front door colored glasses, then I know they will be alright...

If they could just continue thinking that being unique is cool, that wearing your emotions on your sleeve, or in this case, your front door... is A-OKAY!

It's more than Okay to be happy, IT'S AWESOME!

And even red doors are just fine, when they open up to cute little nuggets like mine... who have big brains and even bigger hearts.

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  1. no pics?? I remember how hard it was to de-personalize my house. It still hurts!


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