On Moving...

When we left off last Spring... we had listed our house for sale, with some crazy realtor drama taking place in the process.

We basically fell into our last realtor's lap, after our first realtor ended up being sketchy.

We actually chose her (the one we signed with, not the sketchy one) because she was bubbly and easily excite-able, just like me.

 And also? She smelled like cookies.


As it turns out.... you should NOT sign a contract with someone just because they smell like cookies... who knew?

Anyway- our house didn't sell with the Tollhouse lady... shocker.

I mean really, I was shocked.

She smelled so much like chocolate chip cookies and she accessorized her outfits so well that I honestly thought she would sell our house in five seconds.

Too bad she was selling our house and not cookies or earrings, because for sure she could have sold me those things.

You see.. the problem was the whole situation was very much like, "We'll see how it goes, it's fine! Go to TJ Maxx for bracelets, get beanies at Marshall's, my wedges are from Nordstrom rack!"

I know, that should have been a red flag but.. you know I'm a sucker for cookies.

There was no real marketing plan, or any plan for that matter... ever put into place.

I mean it's probably my fault, I get easily distracted, and I think I forgot that she was supposed to be selling our house, instead of being my best friend.


So, even though I love Tollhouse lady (as in still, no hard feelings here)... we hired someone else this past month.

And we are set to go back on the market on March 1.

Here's the thing- last year, we weren't really ready, we thought we were... but when it came down to it... we weren't ready, or aggressive enough to sell our house.

This time... we are ready.

Our plan hope is to sell quickly, and close at the end of the school year.

Isn't that  always everyone's plan?

Who knows what will happen, but for sure... we are super confident in our new realtor.

New lady, whose name is not important unless you're a stalker... is pretty freaking awesome.

She uses words like, "our investment in your home," and "will sell in 30 days," and... I believe her.

I do.

She is so great.

Even though she somehow convinced us to drop the price almost FIFTEEN FREAKING GRAND.

But positive thoughts only... it will sell at that price... right?


And? New lady who is so great sent us a home stager...

Who was actually NOT SO GREAT.

But THAT... is a story for a different day.

For real, the list she gave us is so long that I just don't have time to get into that ish today.

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