She Said....

The man came to put the For Sale sign on our house last week and I happened to walk by the window when he pulled up.

I gasped when I saw him and ran to the front door.

Girlfriend and the Baby, are never more than a few steps behind me, and were on the porch before I could even call them to come see.

Girlfriend's all: "Uh. What is he doing?"

She legit went from zero to Sassy in two seconds flat when she saw the guy put a shovel into our lawn.

And I'm like: "Putting a sign on our grass so people know that they can buy our house."

And she's like: "Oh no he's not!"

She was instantly swishing her neck back and forth, and wagging a finger in his direction.... before I could stop her... she was yelling:

"Hey! You! Get out of here! You're at the wrong house! I hate you! Leave!"

So... it's safe to say she's handling this well.


Listening to the Universe

When we moved into this house, almost 8 years ago... we bought it because it was the biggest house we could afford for the money.

We knew we wanted a family, and fast... so we opted to buy a great big ol' house, just the two of us.... an hour from anyone we knew, and just... go for it.

It took awhile, but soon the Universe showed us it's plan.

After 6 years, Husband landed an amazing job, just one mile from our house.

Like he will call me when he gets in his car at the end of his day and be like, "I'm on my way home, what's for dinner...." and by the time he finishes his sentence, he is standing in our kitchen.

It's been an amazing gift... and I know that buying this house was all apart of our plan, because it led us to this wonderful job, which has been amazing for Husband's career.

So when we went to list our house... a friend of mine had just re-newed her real estate license. She had taken a break for about 5 years, which is when the whole technology side of real estate really took off.

Long story short, she was re-learning real estate and was being mentored by the owner of her agency.

I felt good about working with her because I knew that signing with her would be giving her her first big listing as a new (again) agent... and I love to support my friends.

Well, the Universe had other plans.... and sadly, it didn't work out with my friend.

Her mentor wanted her to play hard ball with us, and she brought new numbers to the contract signing... numbers that we felt weren't fair to us.

Poor Husband was sitting at the table ready to sign a contract, with a pen in his hand, when the new numbers were laid in front of him.

Everything felt wrong about that moment, and we opted to hold off, wait it out... think on it.

We piled the kids into the car to hit a few open houses and the new numbers were weighing heavy on our hearts.

We had worked with my friend for six weeks, planning for this big day to sign these papers... and we were absolutely bummed that things had taken a weird and unexpected turn with someone that we trusted to guide us.

We went to an Open House at a beautiful home that I wasn't super into....

It was in a great neighborhood, but it sat beneath these weird humongous power lines and I knew I wasnt into it.

The realtor opened the door and smiled and said, "Hi Guys! This house sold yesterday! But I couldn't cancel the Open House, so come on in! Poke around!"

I loved her instantly.

Before long I was chatting her up, I didn't look at the house at all.

The kids were busy kicking the guinea pig cage (no guinea pigs were harmed in the publishing of this post), and Husband was checking out the basement, while the realtor and I laughed together in the kitchen.

She's a bubbly loud blonde who is easy to talk to, just like me.

I loved her.

She had all the right answers and didn't even realize I was interviewing her... she thought we had a realtor.

And we did... until I met her.

We left that Open House and drove one mile down the road before calling her and asking her to come over and give us a market analysis.

The Universe put us at that Open House that I knew I didn't need to see, just so we would meet her that day.

I am confident of that.

She came by that afternoon, and again the next day.

A week later, and her sign is on my front lawn.

When the Universe is speaking to you... you listen.

I love her because she's hard on Husband too... she's like, "Get up dude, power wash the house, power wash the deck.... this house is not ready and you better make it shine."

Sadly, my "friend," whom we tried to work with in order to be supportive friends, hasn't reached out to us since we balked at her new numbers.

But, we feel that we made the right decision for our family... and are officially on the market.

We've had zero showings, and have an Open House scheduled for next weekend.

My "To Do" list is literally 57 bullet points long... and add to that a needy 2 year old that hangs on my legs and I'll be lucky if anything gets done at all.

Tonight we panicked when we looked at a couple other local listings that have been on the market for a year.

We put everyone in the car, during a torrential downpour, and drove by only to find them abandoned, not on nice lots, close to the road, on busy streets... whatever.

Husband is the panicker and I am the calmer.

At every house I rubbed his hand and told him we would figure it out, we've only been listed three days, we will get there, this is the right thing... we are listening to the Universe.

And when we got home, there was a beautiful double rainbow right in front of our house.

The kids started freaking out and jumping up and down and pointing and I clapped my hands and hung on Husband's arm yelling, "The buyers are coming! The buyers are coming!"

Now.... to make us all believe it.

Please if you are a praying person... keep us in your hearts as we try to move on to a place where our children can get a better education!


Four to the Store

Sometimes I forget, that my Girlfriend is still only four years old.

She has been so mature for so long... that I literally just freaking forget that she has only been alive for four years, and even though she acts like a teenager, she's still just a little girl.

I try to give each kid one on one Mommy time as much as I can, and last week Girlfriend asked... no... BEGGED me to take her to the grocery store.

By herself.

With her own shopping cart.

We dont have those grocery stores with the little "Shoppers Assistant" carts that all the kids have on Youtube and down South.

But my Girlfriend has seen Youtube videos of kids using those little carts and she decided that she just wanted to do that so so badly... and so, one night last week, I took her, all by herself, with her pink cart.

Now, I'll be honest.

I didn't even know if this was like, allowed.

I mean, not that there are grocery store rules, but, I haven't ever actually seen any kids with their own little carts either, so I made sure that we went at like, 7:30, so the store was basically empty.

It was a treat in itself to go just the two of us, plus going at bedtime, and add in the fact that I didn't use a cart at all, so it was all up to her and it was pretty much the best moment of my Girlfriend's life.

See... seriously, who gets this excited about grocery shopping?

I cant handle it.

She was like bursting with excitement walking through that store.

It was the simplest, easiest way to make her happy and honestly, something that I will never ever forget.

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