She Said...

Our washing machine shit the bed.

So I'm standing in Home Depot, watching Husband and the boys talk to the washing machine man,  while I hang out with the cart and my Girlfriend.

She's opening and closing all the different washing machines and telling me what she thinks.

Finally, she gets to the one that we are going to buy.

"This is it? This is the one we are going to buy?" she says.

"Yup," I tell her, "That's the one... do you like it?"

She looks from me, to the washing machine, and back again.

She opens it up, and peers inside... she is silently calculating something, but I have no idea what... I'm absolutely shocked at her interest in this washing machine.

I can not wait to hear what is about to come out of her mouth.

She takes a deep breath and says, "Well Mom, yes, I like it... but.... I think we are going to need a bigger cart."

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