Moving Update

So... You might think that the above picture means that we listed our house, but we didn't... yet.

But we did start going to Open Houses, and these three little maniacs absolutely freaking love it.

They tear through the houses like: "This is my room! This is my office! Cool, can we keep this old fashioned TV??"

At one house they were all: "TAKE OUR PICTURE WITH THE SIGN!"... so... here it is world.

Me on the other hand.... well, Open Houses have proved to make me a hateful, angry woman.

Every house I go into has smaller rooms than ours, smaller kitchen.... weird layouts.

The realtors are like: "Oh! You are probably noticing that the floors are missing!" or... "The basement is this way.. outside... in the backyard... through this bomb shelter door."

Seriously, what the fuck is the rest of the world living in??

Some towns have no grocery store, or like, weird highways running through them... one house even had a neighbor that had a huge trailor in his yard that said: "TANDASCREWING".

Seriously. T and A Screwing. Like that was the name of their business.

Cant make this shit up folks.

So, we're getting an education, to say the least, and have knocked some towns off the list... added others in their place... basically we are just trying to figure out where the fuck we are going to live that will live up to our standards, at our budget.

Anyway it basically comes down to this: We are absolutely going to upgrade our town... and at our price range, we may have to downgrade from our current home..

And who the Hell wants to do that??

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