The Reason for the Season

So, we aren't super religious.

I was raised Catholic and all the babes are baptized, but we don't actually go to Church or anything.

We encourage the kids to pray, and be thankful, and talk to God... but we haven't actually ever gotten into the nitty gritty of Jesus and the "reason for the (Easter) season," before.

Until day.

It occurred to me, as I was laying on the floor in our playroom, surrounded by Easter grass and jelly beans, that the kids had no freaking idea why any of this was happening.

Let me pause for a second here to add that... I kind of hate the Easter Bunny.

It's not his fault really, but I am actually so obsessed with Santa that I hate the Easter Bunny.

I think that he is going to ruin it for Santa & the Toothfairy because the Easter Bunny is like totally unbelievable and makes no sense.

The kids have been asking me questions for weeks...

"Does the Easter Bunny have a car?"

"Does he just walk around town?"

"Why is he so big?"

"Are there other big bunnies?"

You get the idea... they are smart and to be honest, those are actually really freaking good questions!

Like I said, the Easter Bunny makes no sense.

Anyway, on to the reason for the season.

So I'm telling the kids all about Jesus, and how he was sent from God to take care of people and to teach us kindness and he was killed by bad guys who didn't believe in him but don't worry after three days he rose from the dead.

And I'm thinking... I am terrible at this.

Let's be real, some parts of the Jesus story are not so happy and I'm trying my hardest to make this a happy story and make the kids understand that today is the day we celebrate Jesus' life.

So, I get all the way through my sermon... which was like three minutes long... and my super intelligent Boyfriend is looking at me like okay well you must have missed a huge part of the story or something Mom because that doesnt make any sense.... and he's like:

"Okay, well that's fine but what does all that have to do with a bunny... and baskets? And jellybeans?"


Best questions EVER kid.

I have no fucking clue how they are related.

So I did what any good parent would do... I lied.

I made up as much crazy bull shit as I could think of.

I made sure it was totally confusing and absolutely unclear, so that my kid's little heads and big brains couldn't grasp what the fuck I had just said to them.

It worked, cause Boyfriend kind of just looked at me and shrugged his shoulders like..."Okay, whatever you say Mom."

All that to say... I think by next year Boyfriend will no longer believe... which is why I'm so happy to say that the kids had a great Easter and got everything they wanted.

We had a wonderful day with family.

We played outside, everyone got dirty, got sugar high, and took naps together in a puppy pile when we got home.

Thank you Jesus.


  1. I read a while back that the chicks/eggs/rabbits theme to Easter and spring time in general is a symbol of new life. And since Jesus=new life, that's why we have all those symbols for the season. Just in case he asks again!

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