Number 3 is the sneakiest little guy.

He has total tribe mentality, he physically NEEDS to be near his brother and his sister... he just isn't himself when they aren't around.

He is loud and full of life and funny when he is with them...

And when they are at school... he becomes so quiet.

And sneaky.

He is my Houdini.

We will be sitting side by side playing trucks and I'll look away, or answer the phone, or take out the trash and suddenly... he's gone.

He mastered all of our baby gates by 18 months and absolutely thinks that he should have the same rules and privileges as his older siblings do.

This includes walking around wherever he damn hell pleases, just like the big kids do.

So he'll silently walk off and I'll panic and scream his name, and he will remain totally and completely silent, until I find him.

One time I was actually in tears sprinting through the house and I found him under the basement stairs, and when I turned the corner he said: "Hi Mom. Found me."

Now that he has been pulling the Houdini act for about two weeks we are careful not to let him out of our site.

Yesterday though, I had to pee.

I mean, it happens.

He was playing six feet away from the bathroom door and so I thought this will be fine, I'll just pee and then I'll open the door and he'll still be there.

Except that's the thing with toddlers... they suck.

So I come out of the bathroom and he's gone. Of course he is.

I went through the normal steps of finding him, call his name, check under things and behind things... I knew he couldn't be far.

I found him in another bathroom.

I knocked on the door... "Number 3?? What are you doing in there?"

"I Working"... he said.

Oh. Working. Makes total sense.

I had no freaking idea what the Hell that statement meant coming out of a two year old.

I started to open the door and then stopped, deciding that whatever "I working" meant... I wanted to capture it forever on my camera.

I snapped a picture as soon as I turned the corner.

My finger processed the, "Make this a memory," before my mouth could get upset at the toddler for doing toddler things when he was left on his own for 14 seconds.

 Soooo... a whole box of tampons down the toilet later...

And now Number 3 is wearing a bracelet made of bells. One hundred percent of the time.

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  1. My 18 months old did the exact same thing 3 days ago. This is funny. Glad you're back, I always loved this blog and was really sad when you stopped. Hi from Germany :)


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