This Is Motherhood

Last week, while the kids were MIRACULOUSLY watching a movie together and not fighting, I snuck out of the room to put some laundry away.

I had gone up and down the stairs a few times when I literally, tripped on a toy and fell face first into the room.

Like... in front of the TV, I just face planted... I probably flew directly in front of the TV.

I yelled. A four letter word.

I landed in a huge pile of toys and everything started binging, and singing, and making toy noises.

And do you know what those damn kids did?

They did nothing.

They didn't even move!!

When I pulled myself out of the pile of toys on the floor and sat up and looked at them their faces were still glued to the TV... mouths open, blank stares.

It was like something out of a movie... like here's Mom, taking care of ALL THE THINGS, and no one even freaking notices when she busts her ass right in the middle of a room.

So I'm all, "Don't worry, don't move, stay where you are, I'm totally fine.."

And do you know what those damn kids said?


They said, "Shhh!!!"

Motherhood is karma for how we acted in High School, I am sure of it.

And also... no one loves these stories more than my own Mother....

Whom I called the second I fell... I was all, "Mom... If you ever busted your ass in front of me and I didn't ask if you were okay... I'm sorry."

And she's all, "That's fine... are you okay?"

Proof that no one will ever care as much as our Mothers.

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