Big Moves or.. Santa's Sneaky Surprise

If you've been reading for a long time... like, forever, then you may remember me talking about how we have rented out an in law apartment in our home for the past six years.

Which means, we have always shared a wall. Everyday that we have been here.

Can you just think about that for a minute?

Let it really sink in.

Think about your own life, with however many kids you have or don't have... and imagine SHARING A WALL... as in... always being careful not to be too loud, yell too much, be too crazy.

You get the idea.

Now that the kids are older... I am pretty damn tired of shushing everybody all the time.

Plus, I recently read this thing that said, "Let them be little..." And when I read it, my, "Mom Guilt," went into over drive...

Because for every minute that I let them, "be little," outside the house... I almost NEVER let them be little when they are near our "shared wall"... and that sucks for them.

I want them to have their own space to create, and relax, and learn... and also... I want all the toys in ONE PLACE.

So when our current tenant said that she has to move out we decided... alright, enough is enough, let's take back our house.

The very scary plan is to walk away from the added income, and reclaim that portion of our home as, our home.

Which it has never been for even one day since we have lived here.

We have never known our home to have it's full square footage, but we will soon.

Although we aren't 100% comfortable with the idea of no longer having that extra money every month, I am even more uncomfortable with having to interview tenants and a share a wall any longer.

The older the kids get, the less I like the idea.

And so... we have decided that Santa will bring a very low budget, "use-what-you've-got," play room.

I am absolutely 100% asking for your expertise in this area!! If you have a "toys only," play room.. PLEASE... tell me what works! And what is a cheap way to get it to function well for our kids!!

Our babies have never known a room that is exclusively for their toys, and instead have toys LITERALLY CRAMMED into every damn spare spot in our house.

But... Santa has spoken, and has suggested bean bag chairs, a wall mounted TV and all the cheap, second hand, toy storage he can get his hands on.

And so... for every single night of the month of December, if you need us... you'll find us quietly sneaking toys into the other side of our house, painting the walls, hanging window treatments... you name it.

And our sweet nosey little cherubs will never know, because we wont tell them that no one is living there.

On Christmas morning.... the plan... is to have big boot prints and Christmas Carols lead the way to a doorway in our home that has always been locked, and insulated with not one, but two doors.

Except on Christmas morning... I'm thinking ribbons... and Christmas lights hanging from the ceiling... maybe an art display and match box car storage.... old toys, new toys, long forgotten toys, wrapped toys, big toys, little toys.....

I honestly have NO IDEA where to begin to make this a functional room for all of us, but I am EXCITED to hear your ideas.

Annnnnnd..... lest I forget that reclaiming that part of our home will mean having my WASHER AND DRYER ON THE FIRST FLOOR... and a FULL EXTRA BATHROOM!!!

Annnnd... a HUMONGOUS CLOSET that has been hiding over there for year and years and is finally, about to become... all ours.

I mean... we might never move now. For real.

I can not wait, wait, wait.

We may be eating Ramen Noodles on Christmas Day.... but Gosh Darn it... our kids will be in a room just for them, full of all the toys in all the land and we... we... WE.....

Will not!!!!!!


At least.... I hope it will be.

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  1. Wow that sounds so amazing! I can't wait to hear all about what you do with the new space. I have no ideas for you though :p


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