Thunder Thighs & Bow Ties

Sometimes I come across a product that I just love so much that if I had the money, I'd buy it for all of you.


You all know that I am a sucker for all things photo shooty with my kids.

I love to find the perfect setting, the perfect adorable outfit, perfect backdrop... you name it, I like it.

But sometimes, let's be honest, kids can be a real pain in the ass when we want to take their pictures.

So, when I found these cool, like, ingenious bow ties that just SNAP ON AND OFF A ONESIE for Boo to wear for a photo shoot...

I was all... I need to tell my people!

I need to tell the world!

There is an easier way to take baby boy bow tie photos... it does not involve clasping, and unclasping... or pulling onesies on and off...

It's as simple as snap snap.... seriously.

The deal is, for the littlest ones anyway, you buy a onesie with snaps and then buy a few bow ties to go with it.

It's all super affordable too... For real you can trust this bargain babe on that one.

No one paid me to say this, I was just that happy with how easily and quickly this whole process went that I wanted to tell you all about this adorable little company that I found that makes... you guessed it, adorable little bow ties.

Lennon And Co. can be found on Etsy, and Instagram, and is currently having a sale... (save 20% on orders of $10 or more using code STUFFING20, ends 11/9).

Again, no one told me to tell you how much I love their stuff, I just think it's a cool product, and would make a great baby gift.

It was literally SECONDS in between bow ties... it took my friend longer to put out the new set than it did for me to change his bow ties, and we all know with babies and photos, every second counts.

See how much my guys love their stuff??

Boyfriend is wearing a clip on "Big Kid," bow tie to match Boo... I know.

When I found out that Lennon And Co will pretty much make anything you can dream of, I knew I had to have a hairbow for my Girlfriend.

Kids in matching outfits leave me dead on the floor from cuteness.


Check them out, they are cheap, and easy to change in and out... what's better than that?!

You're welcome!!!

**Special thanks to JCole Photography for always taking such great pictures of my monsters.

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