The First Day Of Kindergarten!!

Welp, we all survived.

I gave him fifty hugs and kisses, and up onto the bus he went.

I cried a bit as it drove away, and so did my little Girlfriend.

I guess it's a thing here to meet the bus at school and take pictures... and so of course, that's what I did.

First off, I was holding my camera, my cell phone, and the video camera... plus pushing a stroller and holding Girlfriend's hand... plus crying... so it was a shit show.

I pulled myself together in time to catch Boyfriend get off the bus... of course, I could not aim all of my gadgets and instead got a picture of someone else standing in front of Boyfriend getting off the bus ...butttt what are you gonna do?

I'm super happy that I went because he was of course not paying attention and missed the grown up walking the kindergartners into school.

I was thrilled to have one more job that day and be needed... I happily pointed him in the right direction, and gave him fifty more kisses and off he went.

The little detour to take pictures at school was just what I needed... it gave me something to focus on instead of crying.

He had an amazing first day and to be honest hasn't said too much about school except that he loves it and cant wait to go back.

He talks a lot about P.E. and a particular pretty girl in his class, so... he's a typical boy.

Days One and Two I got him up early and onto the couch watching TV while I got him ready for the day...

Day Three I let him come snuggle with me in bed and he got too comfortable really quick.

I was shocked and couldn't help laughing when he dropped this line on me on Day Three of Kindergarten:

"Hey Mom... I think I'm all set with school... it's not really my jam anymore. When's Graduation?"


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