Seven Months...

Okay, my baby is officially over the hill... and headed towards his first birthday.

Cue the sobbing.

I just. cant. even. handle. it.

Boyfriend overheard me whispering to Boo that he cant ever grow up the other day and then he was all:

"Mom. Kids grow up. It's apart of life."

Well la de dah... what the heck are they teaching kids now?! In this house the baby will stay a baby!!

Our youngest is holding strong as the happiest baby ever... I have only heard him cry one single time really, really hard.

It was this past month when he was over tired and had a tooth coming in... we were making the hour trek home from my parent's house and I ended up leaning over his car seat to nurse him.

His teeth are taking their sweet time to come in and he is still only rocking two bottom ones... but I'm not rushing anything! Stay little!!

Boo loves to snuggle in bed with the big kids and myself in the mornings... he is usually nursing when they come bounding in and wake him up.

It doesn't matter what time of day it is, he is always thrilled to be near his siblings... they just love the crap outta that little guy.

Girlfriend has got her Mama's genes for sure because she insists on daily photos of her and Boo together... it's pretty freaking adorable how much she loves him.

He is still exclusively breastfed... he had a bottle of pumped milk once in June and once in August, both times while we were at a wedding.

He just recently had his first bottle ever with a little water in it.

The only way to describe his shear happiness over being handed a bottle is to say imagine someone handed you one. million. dollars.

That is his face.

He is just freaking thrilled about the luxury of being able to suck down water out of a bottle and not having to work for it.

Let's see what else... 

My doll is a feet clapper, he just claps those fatty feet together all day long.

You know what else he does??

Mushes his lips together and goes, "Mmmmmmm" when he wants to nurse... ugh, I cant with this kid... the cuteness just slays me.

I know, I'm biased, but still.

He is just so sweet.

Boo goes freaking nuts when Boyfriend's bus comes around the corner every morning... he's all flaily legs and arms.

The bus driver just freaking loves him. He is a ray of sunshine, all the time.

I just wish wish wish I could be more like that. Just be happy every minute.

Boo also does that thing when babies slap their hands up and down... but I call him my little Drummer Boy because he slaps them one at a time, not together.

He is always bop, bop, bopping something like a little drummer dude.

My Doll isn't much for food ... he prefers to nurse rather than eat ironically.

Maybe I haven't been feeding him the right stuff?? I'm not sure but he just isn't super into it.

He does like apples and bananas, but the rest of it he could pretty much take of leave.

He is obsessed with his jumper that hangs in the doorway, his brother and his sister and the cat.

You would think the cat was a UFO the way he stares at it... for lack of better wording, he is pretty much like... what da haill???

Now that Girlfriend is in Pre-School four hours a week, I suddenly have 240 minutes to myself with my teeny little guy and I have to say... we are really loving it!

I feel guilty saying that but it is the first and only time he has had me to himself since he was born... and it is so nice to be near a happy little gum drop that just wants to snuggle.

I just wish I could keep him this small forever.

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