First Day of Pre-School

Waaay back three weeks ago, my baby girl started Pre-School.

In true Girlfriend style, she was covered head to toe in some sort of non-contagious Poison something or other...

Which means she was covered in steroid cream for her first day of school.

She was super, duper adorable about the whole thing... she woke up like it was Christmas morning and was just over the moon excited and ready to go, go, go!!!

I took her to the store and she picked out her own outfit for the big day and she just absolutely looked like such a little jelly bean I couldn't even handle her.

I love that she has her own opinions and her own quirky little style.

I hope she stays this way forever.

As soon as we got to school she hopped out of the car and said, "Welp! I'm off!"

And I'm like waiit... what... more pictures and hugs and kisses!!

She literally ran up the steps and was like..."Don't cry! You still have one more kid at home!"

I'm like gee... way to be compassionate.

Even though my doll had the most wonderful first day and came home saying, "I just want to pick up my school and hold it in my hands and squeeze it forever!!!" ... by 2 pm she had a fever of 102.

Her body was fighting off whatever was infecting her and we were scared because she was shivering and sweating at the same time.

Here she is in the car on the way home from the first day of school.... trying like Hell to rally, but just look at those feverish eyes and those crazy hives. Yikes.

A few doses of an oral Steroid (which turned her into the Devil fyi) for six days and she was back in action.

I was really sad and did cry a little after I dropped Girlfriend off at school, but the truth is, this time was different.

 It wasn't like when I dropped Boyfriend off at Pre-school for 100 reasons.

This is my third year in this school, so I know the teacher, the curriculum, and the in's and out's of the program.

That alone made me feel calmer.

Girlfriend has been in and out of that school since she was 13 months old, so her comfort level set the tone for mine... and for that I am so grateful, because it was HARD to leave my baby girl at school.

But she was SO ready.

I missed the crap out of her that first day, and truthfully, I miss her, and Boyfriend EVERY time they go to school.

I'm not at the point yet where school brings out the happy dance in me.

But... I am thrilled that Girlfriend loves school so much and loves her friends, teachers, classroom... every last bit of it.

She just loves to learn and sing and read... she 100% gets that from me.

So even though I'm sad without her around... I am so happy for her that she found something that she loves so much...

On her own...

Without her brothers.

My Girl is always going along for the ride with her brothers... but Pre-school is something just for her, and even though I miss her so much when she's gone...

I am so happy for my independent little beauty.

She embraced that first day of school, and every day since... with an open mind and an open heart.

She is just so excited to have her own friends and her own school... she is ready and eager to take on everything they throw at her... and I couldn't be prouder.

Today Pre-school, tomorrow the world.


  1. Aww I love the chart you made of what she likes/thinks right now! Such a good idea. Im glad she had such a great time at pre-school. Chloe is a mommy's girl so I'm hoping when the time comes she'll be excited about it too. I know I'll be crying, that's for sure.

  2. She is very adorable and I love her outfit. The picture with her brothers is awesome! Her brother and Chloe are in pre school? I hope I can send my kids to preschool all together so they will be having fun and gang up on who ever makes fun hahahaa. stage mom.. Keep up the good work! I love it!


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