The Happiest Day

I started writing this post three times and couldn't figure out the right way to say what I wanted to say.

I kept trying to say something funny, or witty.... but for once, I am at a loss for words.

Husband started a new job this week, and I can honestly say that this is absolutely life changing for us.

Sometimes I struggle with what I feel is appropriate to share on my blog, and what I would rather not let the whole world know.

Nine out of ten posts that I have written in the past two years were written while Husband was traveling for work.

I have been alone A LOT.

It has not been easy.

Three weeks ago Husband applied for a job at a company that is 1.2 miles from our house.

I know.

He had been applying for months.. MONTHS... job after job after job... and wasn't hearing back much of anything at all.

His last position had him traveling all over the East Coast, on a moment's notice.

He would leave Monday morning and we would expect him to come home Monday night and instead, we wouldn't see him until Thursday at midnight.... sometimes Friday.

This was not a once in awhile thing, it was the norm.

Husband was gone nearly four days a week, every week, for two years.

The constant driving and on-the-run-ness started to wear him down and before we knew it he was really depressed... and exhausted.

It was a lot for me to handle on my own and try as I might, even I couldn't keep a smile on my face all the time.

As women, and mothers, we somehow take on the role of being the glue that holds everyone together.

And I did that... but sometimes, I didn't want to be the glue... sometimes I just wanted to be pissed that Husband had a shitty job and wasn't ever around and when he was, he was bummed...

But we hung in there and we stuck together... I vowed to always be supportive no matter what, but man oh man were there days that I wanted to just tell someone at that company to eff off.

I'm not sugar coating anything here, it freaking sucked.

So when he called me three weeks ago from the road (of course) and said, "The HR lady called, they emailed me an offer letter..."

I burst into tears. I was SOBBING.

I didn't even know what the offer was, but it didn't matter...

He would be home, close by, not traveling hours upon hours a day.

When I was finally able to read the offer to him, he couldn't even understand what I was saying because I was just a blubbering mess.

Eventually I was able to calm down and we were thrilled with everything that had been offered to us... Husband eagerly accepted and a new chapter in our lives began.

I am SO happy to say that we made it through a long, VERY trying two years that tested my patience and understanding every single day.

I am THRILLED for Husband, who now has a great job, managing a team of people that respect him and his experience.

He deserved this and dare I say... so did I.

This new position opens up a whole can of fun new worms for us...

Will we still move closer to our parents?

Will we move somewhere else??

Will we stay put??

Nothing is clear to us just yet, except that things are one hundred million percent looking up.

There really is nothing like being at home with your family... oh how I've missed it... all of us being together and laughing...

Not having to re-tell play by plays of our days over the phone while the sound of the highway hums in my ears.

I snapped this picture today... when Husband popped home quickly for lunch and surprised us all.

You can tell by the way I'm cheesing... and the twinkle in his eye... this is huge for us, and we are so so grateful for this wonderful opportunity.

You would have thought he came in yelling, "Ho, Ho, Ho," and carrying gifts...

The kids went crazy climbing all over him and clapping and I literally stopped what I was doing and sat down just to watch him eat his lunch.

It was so wonderful to have him home for a few minutes, a quick surprise for no reason other than he could....

It was, the happiest day.


  1. Wow, I couldn't imagine such a "norm" and I honestly had no idea. Not sure if you mentioned this detail of your lives before. This is crazy great news and I'm so glad for you all! What a life changer. You all deserve to be together and good for you, mama, holding it all together. The kids may not realize it yet, but they are forever grateful :) -Misty

  2. That's GREAT news! :) Happy for you!

  3. I know how that feels. My husband was doing the on the road thing for work last minute too. One night he called me to say he had finished up and was heading home. An hour later he called back saying they were sending him to the other side of the state that night. He wasn't too thrilled about that.
    Congrats on the new job.

  4. I am so happy for you! I cant imagine doing it all on my own, all the time. This is really great news.

  5. I know you mentioned on and off that he traveled a lot. I can't imagine and am so happy for you and your family!!!!!! To be able to let go of that stress is so exciting- congrats!!!!!


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