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I have to admit that the idea of having to pack a lunch, backpack, ANNND dress a child every single day for an entire school year makes me kinda nervous.

I am by no means the most organized person on Earth, but I do alright... and I am still nervous about having my game face on five days a week from August until June, ya know??

So when Stuck On You offered to send us labels to help get organized for back to school, I might have just gone ahead and kissed them.

Stuck On You let me chose which labels would work best for our family and while they have literally tons of options, I settled on the Kid's Designer Labels because I liked the simple classic circle design.

I thought the plain old circle would stay relevant with my ever growing kids... rather then say, a flower shape, that could go out of style with the quickness for my fickle beans.

Aside from pleasing the kids... you know I was thrilled to have the labels show up and make my life easier.

I write with an actual writing utensil so infrequently that the idea of writing my children's names over, and over, and over again on their school stuff sounded like a big pain in the ass to me.

I mean jeez-us... why are their names so damn long?? And why do they have so much stuff!!!!

Circle stickers that would make my life easier? Yes please.

Thanks to Stuck On You, all kinds of adorable stickers with their too long names came in the mail just in time for the back to school chaos to begin around here.

It was fun. I went labeling crazy and even stuck some on their heads... (hey, I've got a lot of kids, name tags every once in awhile wouldn't be so bad if you ask me).

Psssstttt... Like Girlfriend's lunchbox & backpack?? They are both from Stuck On You, and on sale too!!!

I went ahead and used my stickers on every last thing that Boyfriend would be bringing to school...

Including all of the Tupperware that I've been putting in his lunch box.

These stickers, aside from being cute... are also dishwasher and microwave safe.

I've washed them one hundred times so far and there is no peeling, no fraying... still good as new.

Even the one that I wipe every single day inside the lunch box has held up awesome.

Ohandplusalso... Boyfriend says he is the only one in his class with, "name stickers," and all of his friends are jealous so... cool Mom points for me.

Each package contains fifty personalized stickers... that's a helluva lot of labeling going down.

Another reason I love this company... they appeal to my kid's fickle-ness.

So even though there's tons of stickers in the package, (on sale now for less than $15!!!!), they're not all the same.... nope, they come with four different designs.

So you basically pick a theme, and that theme offers different designs in case your kid decides they hate pink or blue or green or whatever one day... there's a new one waiting to be used in it's place!

Seriously, thank God for that cause my kids change their minds like every minute.

Since Boyfriend currently loves red, I figured that was a safe bet to start... in a month when he decides that red sucks, I've got others to play around with.

Stuck On You also sent me labels for the shoes (also on sale right now for less than $15!!!)- I know, genius.

Last winter when we got one fafillion inches of snow, another boy in Boyfriend's class took home his boots.... three times.

Now thanks to these adorable little heel stickers, that wont happen.

Sending the dolls to school is hard enough without having to worry that they will lose their things and get upset.

Sooo.... I labeled every damn thing that wasn't nailed down; backpacks, lunch boxes, water bottles, shoes, jackets, folders, pencils, notebooks.... basically anything that I would have written on, I stuck something on instead.

No one is losing anything up in this place... Mama done put their names on alll the things!!!

The personalized sticky labels were easy to use, and give me piece of mind ... what's better than

This guy is resting easy while the Big Kids are at school! Find his personalized onesie here!
Stuck On You has been helping kids prepare for Back to School for 17 years, and they know their stuff.

If you're labeling your children's bottles, bags, books, and boots for school this Fall... you have got to check out their stickers.

They come in all different kinds, not just the small circle ones that we got... and the best part... they are all on sale!!

Have fun!

***Stuck On You provided us with all of these back to school goodies in exchange for an honest post about their products. I  have a long standing love affair with everything they make and I am always thrilled with their quality... all opinions belong to my cute little self.

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