All Day, All Night

Sometimes at the end of a long day, after I've put the kids to bed instead of completely face planting into the couch...

I'll sneak back upstairs into the their rooms, and climb into bed with them.

It feels like I'm breaking the rules, to keep the kids up late just to talk and laugh... but it is one of my favorite things to do.

Inevitably, they squeal and shriek and one or the other will get jealous and soon all of us are in one bed laughing.

I know I have written about this before... but those few stolen moments are such a wonderful gift to them... and me!

I always tell my friends to just say screw it, and keep their kids up a few more minutes at night... it puts such a special spin on the end of the day.

Since Boo was born in January, and I am now up and down all night long nursing... I always sneak in and check on the kids while they sleep.

Without fail, they are always sleeping in some weird ass position.

Sometimes I find Boyfriend sleeping on like a legit pile of Legos.

Last night he woke up, sat up, and smiled at me when I found his bed like this at 11 pm...

Once I found Girlfriend just covered in shoes, like seven pairs...

And she like, never sleeps normal... ever.

They are always passed the Hell out and don't realize that they aren't actually comfortable until I pick them up, put them back on their pillow, fix their covers...

...Tell them I love them and kiss them goodnight.

I can see them snuggle deeper under their covers, and they almost always without fail, give me a sleepy smile.

Night after night when I feel their warm little bodies squeeze mine, even as they are still asleep... I am reminded just how forgiving and resilient children are.

Because of course there are some days that I am a better Mom than others ... and just like the sun gets up everyday with the sky... my babies never let me down.

I know that in the coming years they will pull away from me more and more... that with age comes independence...

So I am holding tight to these... and all moments...

But especially those in the middle of the night, when they are just innocent little balls of cute and slow breathing... with the hall light on their face and sleep in their eyes...

And one day when they get older... and they decide that they hate me...

I will remind them endlessly that I never stopped parenting them... not even for a second... all day... and all night.

I've got the pictures to prove it.


  1. Must say...my little man was born 23 December last year..a calm guy with a ready smile...(the first of many!)...and this last bit just says it all.
    "I will remind them endlessly that I never stopped parenting them... not even for a second... all day... and all night."
    Loved this, thanks for sharing :) Made my heart smile

  2. These are my favorite moments too <3 One night I worked late, and my girl was asleep when I got home. Her step sister woke up crying for awhile, and while her dad calmed her down, me and C went to my bed and cuddled and giggled and it was one of my favorite nights.


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