Summer Social Media Detox

Umm... hello?

Is anyone still here?

I'm back... kind of... for tonight anyway.

I have been trying to have a social media-less summer vacation with the kids.

Surprisingly, I am doing pretty well with it.

I am as addicted to this nonsense as the rest of the world.

It is embarrassing, and shameful, and I absolutely hate that I click on Facebook for no reason and read status updates from people that I don't even like.

Basically this detox all started because Boo recently decided that when he nurses he wants to hold my hand.

I know... cutest thing ever.

So anyway... with one hand around him and the other one in his hand... there was nowhere to hold my phone and read the news and status updates and other bull shit.

And I thought... THIS IS FANTASTIC. Fuck social media... I want to watch my beautiful baby boy nurse instead.

And so I did. Do, I mean.

Anyway... all this watching led to me forgetting my phone all over the damn place... and the battery dying... and....

Before I knew it, I had begun a social media detox.

I am however, hopelessly devoted to Instagram because one day I swear I am going to make Insta-magnets and Insta-books, and Insta-t-shirts and book-marks and UNDERWEAR out of all of my quickly captured slash filtered moments.

Okay, maybe not underwear... but you get the idea.


We have been busy doing all the things in all the land... with no cell phone in my hand.

Everyone is humongous and long and tan and I have no clue where my babies have gone.

If you haven't checked in with us here in awhile, I am going to go ahead and be the worst self promoting blogger ever and say GOOD... we should all get the hell off the Internet and bring it back old school.


Let me remind you who I am...in case you forgot.

I hate my cell phone, it is not an I-phone and if I could remove the Internet from it I would.

My life is crazy.

I have laundry to do, and floors to mop, and my toenails are begging for a pedicure, and my roots are looooong, and my forehead is covvvvered in wrinkles (special thanks to my babies for those)...

BUT... my children are beautiful... (albeit a little insane).... my toilets are clean but my floors are dirty... I get very little sleep... ANNNND

I like things this way.

If you're still out there reading, thanks, you're sweet.

And don't worry!!

Kindergarten is coming and with it, lots of stories about how Husband had to drag me out of the bus on the first day.

I mean it didn't happen yet... but I'm gonna go ahead and say maybe it will.

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  1. You're not alone, at least on the blogging end. No one's really been doing that. My work days are spent on a computer so I get a lot of social media time in there, so I'm less inclined to do it when I'm with my girlie. Glad to hear you're having a good summer though!


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