My Almost Threenager

My Girlfriend... is almost THREE.

I know. I am serious.

If you've been reading long enough to remember when she was born than man... you seriously deserve some sort of prize or something.

Anyway.... I am one of four kids, and I have two sisters so there was never any really special girl time for me ya know?

All my girl time was shared with my sisters... which is fine but... I missed out on some one on one time with my Mom.

And I have always said that I want that for my Doll.

With her 3rd birthday approaching fast, I was trying to think of something special that we could do just for her.

I got this hair brained idea to ask my friend Jen of JCole Photography if she would let me bring allll of my girly stuff (plus some extra that I borrowed from a friend) to do a fun photo shoot.

I dubbed it the Threenager Photo Shoot.

These are just the shots that made the cut... there were others... there was makeup involved.

It was very red and very all over her face....

So those shots didn't make the cut...

But these..... DID!

And I am obsessed with them and am going to use them on her invites... ANNND her thank you note... and I'm going to frame a few for her room.

One day... probably when she first gives me the finger... I'm going to pull out these pictures as a reminder of how good of a Mom I am.

I know for sure I would have LOVED to do this when I was little... this was seriously so fun, for everyone involved.

We were like pile on all the stuff give her more more more... it was a more is more day.

If you have a daughter... this is such a great alternative to boring, posed shots... seriously, break out the toys and let her go nuts!


  1. Aw these are so great! It doesn't seem all that long ago when I was admiring how cute her little cowgirl getup was on her last birthday! (I think that's right...right?) Anyways, these photos are so fun and GF looks fabulous. Great job, Mama. -Misty

  2. That looks like so much fun! Definitely a lot of great shots

  3. Loved the photos and love to read about your family. I admit, I see my own life in much of what you write.

  4. This is such a cute idea! My littlest just turned 3 - it is such a sweet age!

  5. LOVE these pics :) what great memories you have to show her on her 18th birthday hehe x x


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