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I get the bulk of my laundry done on rainy days.

If the sun is shining, I am outside with the kids... either in the yard, at a park, a hike, riding bikes, playing with neighbors... you name it if the sun is shining we are doing it.

But when it rains... I am a laundry machine.

I just cant get myself to do it on a nice day... I don't know why because I do all other kinds of house work when it's not raining.

Anyway, when it finally rains... I have to pretty much pull out all the stops to keep the kids interested because it's like a full day's work.

On this particular day, we had already made cookies, played with play doh and watched a movie.

So I dug deep into my bag of tricks... aka.. my cabinet of crafty-things... and came out with 500 rubber bands...

Then I added in some cans and we were in fine motor skills business.

This made the big kids really use their noggins because not all of the rubber bands would fit... they had to actually think things through.

This project kind of evolved from there... "Let's add crayons! And feathers! I made a sling shot!"

It was fun, (and a little dangerous who the Hell taught this kid what a sling shot is??) to see their imaginations run wild with the task at hand.

Which was... nothing really... just put rubber bands on a can.

And then Boyfriend asked for more cans and so did Girlfriend and before I knew it I had run out and accidentally gave Girlfriend a can with a pop top and welp...

 here is when I caught her realizing that she can open the can...

That was also the moment that I realized she could open the can...

And the next moment was me dropping the camera and flying across the room just as she dumped chickpea juice everywhere.

It just wouldn't be a project without a mishap from my Girlfriend.

All the feathers! and soup! and chickpeas! excitement ended up just being another excuse for me not to do laundry... so in the end, everyone was happy.

The cans got a new fancy life as some sort of feathery drag queen... the kids got to use their brains... and I didn't have to fold a single shirt.

Although I did have to clean chickpea juice up off the floor.

You win some you lose some.

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