We Cried It Out

Just like I did with Girlfriend at 4.5 months... I recently did some sleep training with Boo using the, "Cry It Out," method.

I know this method isn't for everyone... but I swear it is way more bark than it is bite.

Boo cried for 20 minutes the first nap, and then 10 the second nap, and then 7.... after that... no tears, just right to sleep.

That's it... three naps!

I know people that swear it takes three days... I think that is a load of shit... unless the baby is a year old maybe... three naps is my experience!

Because I have three kids and we go to playgrounds in the morning, I found that Boo was taking his naps in my Solly Baby Wrap... which was fine and loveable and snuggly...

But when it came time for bed, and I would put him into his own crib in his own room away from me and my smells... he had a heart attack.

He just wanted to sleep near me, and with me, and on me...

And even though I of course love when he does that, sometimes I just don't have the time for it.

So even though I love to sleep near my baby and wear my baby, I knew it was time to train him to sleep somewhere other than next to me.

I carved out three days time for Cry It Out, but like I said, it took him only three naps.

We did a lot of playing in the yard and in the neighborhood... basically I just didn't leave the house for three days until Boo understood that his room was his room.

If you can handle it, I suggest you try it if you need to... it is such a gift to have a child that can sleep well... to the whole family!


  1. Sleep training sucks. I'm glad it was quick and easy for you though! It took Chloe awhile longer, but she was older as well. She's been a great sleeper for the most part because of it though.

  2. I hope everything is ok in your world. I miss your blog posts.


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