Dumpster Diving

This is the story of an end table that I found on the side of the road.

I drove past and thought to myself.. "Self, that would make a perfect Lego table! It has so much storage!"

So I stopped the car and threw it into the trunk.

And then I took it home and unloaded it and thought to myself, "Self... this thing is not real wood and is actually just shitty veneer and will look like a piece of crap when you are done painting it."

So I decided to give it a new, prettier, more exciting life.

By covering it in primer... and giving it to the kids for an after nap surprise one day.

I handed them q-tips, and paint brushes and I push acrylic paint all over it.

Then I let them do their thing while I sat back and watched.

The night stand was allowed to stay in our yard looking all fancy and sparkly for a few days and then I carefully put it at the road one night when the kids were in bed.

Would you even freaking believe it... when I woke up the next morning... Missus Fancy Pants night stand was gone.

I can only imagine what in the HAAAIIILLLLL someone wanted to do with that crazy looking thing... but maybe, just maybe, they are like me and they were all...

"Wow! So much storage!"

So I hope that crazy looking piece of furniture does continue on living.... and I also hope that I can find other solid, not dirty things on the side of the road this summer.

Cause the kids had an absolute blast personalizing that thing, and it didn't cost me a freaking penny.


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