We Cried It Out

Just like I did with Girlfriend at 4.5 months... I recently did some sleep training with Boo using the, "Cry It Out," method.

I know this method isn't for everyone... but I swear it is way more bark than it is bite.

Boo cried for 20 minutes the first nap, and then 10 the second nap, and then 7.... after that... no tears, just right to sleep.

That's it... three naps!

I know people that swear it takes three days... I think that is a load of shit... unless the baby is a year old maybe... three naps is my experience!

Because I have three kids and we go to playgrounds in the morning, I found that Boo was taking his naps in my Solly Baby Wrap... which was fine and loveable and snuggly...

But when it came time for bed, and I would put him into his own crib in his own room away from me and my smells... he had a heart attack.

He just wanted to sleep near me, and with me, and on me...

And even though I of course love when he does that, sometimes I just don't have the time for it.

So even though I love to sleep near my baby and wear my baby, I knew it was time to train him to sleep somewhere other than next to me.

I carved out three days time for Cry It Out, but like I said, it took him only three naps.

We did a lot of playing in the yard and in the neighborhood... basically I just didn't leave the house for three days until Boo understood that his room was his room.

If you can handle it, I suggest you try it if you need to... it is such a gift to have a child that can sleep well... to the whole family!


Dumpster Diving

This is the story of an end table that I found on the side of the road.

I drove past and thought to myself.. "Self, that would make a perfect Lego table! It has so much storage!"

So I stopped the car and threw it into the trunk.

And then I took it home and unloaded it and thought to myself, "Self... this thing is not real wood and is actually just shitty veneer and will look like a piece of crap when you are done painting it."

So I decided to give it a new, prettier, more exciting life.

By covering it in primer... and giving it to the kids for an after nap surprise one day.

I handed them q-tips, and paint brushes and I push acrylic paint all over it.

Then I let them do their thing while I sat back and watched.

The night stand was allowed to stay in our yard looking all fancy and sparkly for a few days and then I carefully put it at the road one night when the kids were in bed.

Would you even freaking believe it... when I woke up the next morning... Missus Fancy Pants night stand was gone.

I can only imagine what in the HAAAIIILLLLL someone wanted to do with that crazy looking thing... but maybe, just maybe, they are like me and they were all...

"Wow! So much storage!"

So I hope that crazy looking piece of furniture does continue on living.... and I also hope that I can find other solid, not dirty things on the side of the road this summer.

Cause the kids had an absolute blast personalizing that thing, and it didn't cost me a freaking penny.



She Said....

I can't help it...

I am always telling my Girlfriend, "Don't touch anything! Put your hands in the air! Put your hands in your pockets! Put your hands behind your back!"

She is just such a train wreck that basically everything she touches breaks or turns to shit.

Today alone she broke her brother's blinds, our screen door on our slider, and painted the toilet seat with blue nail polish.

Annnnd we've only been home since 3 pm, because we had been visiting my parents.

She does these things when she is supposed to be napping.

She also climbs on counters to find what she wants so literally... nothing is safe. Nothing.

I am literally constantly saying to her, "Unless it's PINK, or it says your name on it (she cant read but still)... YOU CANT TOUCH IT!"

She's the only girl of course, so almost everything pink in the house is her.

Anyway, that's your back story ...

The other day I asked her what she wanted to be when she grows up...

And she said...

"I want to be yike you."

And I was all, "Awww... you want to be a Mommy?"

And she's like... "Ahhh no. I want to be able to touch everything."

Oooofff course you do.


Whatever Works

I get the bulk of my laundry done on rainy days.

If the sun is shining, I am outside with the kids... either in the yard, at a park, a hike, riding bikes, playing with neighbors... you name it if the sun is shining we are doing it.

But when it rains... I am a laundry machine.

I just cant get myself to do it on a nice day... I don't know why because I do all other kinds of house work when it's not raining.

Anyway, when it finally rains... I have to pretty much pull out all the stops to keep the kids interested because it's like a full day's work.

On this particular day, we had already made cookies, played with play doh and watched a movie.

So I dug deep into my bag of tricks... aka.. my cabinet of crafty-things... and came out with 500 rubber bands...

Then I added in some cans and we were in fine motor skills business.

This made the big kids really use their noggins because not all of the rubber bands would fit... they had to actually think things through.

This project kind of evolved from there... "Let's add crayons! And feathers! I made a sling shot!"

It was fun, (and a little dangerous who the Hell taught this kid what a sling shot is??) to see their imaginations run wild with the task at hand.

Which was... nothing really... just put rubber bands on a can.

And then Boyfriend asked for more cans and so did Girlfriend and before I knew it I had run out and accidentally gave Girlfriend a can with a pop top and welp...

 here is when I caught her realizing that she can open the can...

That was also the moment that I realized she could open the can...

And the next moment was me dropping the camera and flying across the room just as she dumped chickpea juice everywhere.

It just wouldn't be a project without a mishap from my Girlfriend.

All the feathers! and soup! and chickpeas! excitement ended up just being another excuse for me not to do laundry... so in the end, everyone was happy.

The cans got a new fancy life as some sort of feathery drag queen... the kids got to use their brains... and I didn't have to fold a single shirt.

Although I did have to clean chickpea juice up off the floor.

You win some you lose some.


Match Match

My Girlfriend is all about matching Mommy these days...

So when these shirts showed up in the mail from Striped Shirt she was super excited to try them on and do a fashion show by my side.

I was thrilled because I'll be honest... I was kind of expecting like a big man's t-shirt that didn't fit cute...


This thing is just fitted enough to be cute, without making me look like a sausage roll.

Girlfriend and I have rocked our matching shirts all over town and have gotten tons of compliments.

Striped Shirt sells, you guessed it, striped shirts in just about every size, and color of the rainbow!

To snag some stripes of your own... use coupon code OurTinyPlace to get 25% off your order now thru June 30!!

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