Nautical Nursery Decal

If you follow me on Instagram (@ourtinyplace), then you have already seen this amazing nautical wall decal for Boo's room...

I am totally smitten with it.... it is total show stopper.

I got this piece from an etsy shop called Polka Dot Walls.

I asked the shop owner, Meg, about a million questions about how to attach it, what font to chose, etc etc...

She was so helpful and even sent me a few extra anchors just because!

Even with all her extra advice as to how to hang it (plus sweet handwritten tips)... I was still super anxious about putting it on the wall for a lot of reasons.

Number 1, I am not anal enough to care if something is peerrrrfectly straight.

Number 2, what if I couldn't get it off and we end up moving?

Number 3, what if I did that thing where you get the front stuck on the back and then it would be a total freaking waste?

I was hashing out these reasons with my friend Rachie, who is creative and OCD about her creativity... and she was all, "I'll do it. Get me a stool."

One second later she was picking out the perfect spot on the wall for our giant anchor.

Wait let me back up.

Before she placed our humongous anchor (it's actually  20" x 28"), she decided to hang one of the smaller, extra anchors... just to get comfortable with how easy they were to position, you know?

I feel like that was a freaking genuis idea... and honestly, it's a step I never would have taken because I am much more, "Do it now, fix it later," ya know??

Anyway, Rachie placed the tiny anchor, found out that it was easy to peel off it need be, and then went for it with the big boy anchor.

Meg's directions made perfect sense and within about ten minutes.... we were stepping back to admire Rachie's work.

She did pull it off the wall and re-adjust it once, and even used her iPhone level to do it!

So even though I didn't actually do the application myself, I saw first hand that this was a pretty easy process.

The next step was adding Boo's name.

Once again Meg pulled through with her hand written instructions, and this time, those were invaluable because we were all, "Uhhh... how do we keep it straight?"

Lucky for us, Meg was one step ahead of us and we just lined up the triangles per her directions.

Once the stickers were on the wall Rachie used her cell phone to smooth out any bubbles and then verrry slowly pulled the backing off...

This picture shows all of the colors accurately and the combo is absolutely perfect.

 I couldn't love the finished product anymore... it reminds me of the back of an elegant boat!

Minus the actual boat part.

This room still has a long way to go, but new paint, rugby stripe sheets and lamp, and a nautical nursery decal have certainly changed the face of this former cupcake nursery.
If you're in the market for a nursery decal, I know etsy has five hundred different shops to choose from, but I cant recommend Polka Dot Walls enough; they, with the help of Rachie, made this a totally "seamless" process.

Pun intended!

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  1. Brilliant idea for wall decoration!! Love it so much and thanks for sharing!! Really great post!!


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