Naughty Painting

The last time you saw our nursery was when it belonged to my Girlfriend and it looked like this:

While the green walls aren't reading totally correct in these pictures, they were still pretty freaking green.

And as much as Husband tried to talk me into keeping them green for Boo's nautical nursery... I just couldn't do it.

This is not nautical looking... amIright??

Is the ocean the same color as the grass? No it is not. The walls can not be grass.

So I pulled a page out of my mother's book of Wife Wisdom, and waited for Husband to go away for a night.

Then I went into the garage and picked up paint cans until I found one that was full, and blue.

Then I called my friend Lu, and we put it on the walls.

Here's a picture I snapped as I was still putting shit back together, so there is literally random stuff just hung on the wall to see what looks good where.

Oh and sisal rope on the book case, because nautical nurseries need rope.

That's what I have been telling Husband anyway.


Never, I repeat, NEVER try to paint with a newborn, a two year old and a four year old around.

Just. Don't.

Here's a shot of me minutes after I took Boo off... yes, I wore him and painted at the same time.

Don't worry, it was low VOC paint and the windows were open.

Also... clearly I didn't get very far wearing him because look at all that green on the wall.

Also, also... why the fuck didn't I take off my Solly Wrap after I put Boo to bed?

You know I backed my booty right into a freshly painted wall and got paint all over my favorite wrap.

You know I did.


But... the room is coming along and I am loving being able to do it all by myself while Husband is away at work and isn't around to stop me!

I dubbed our secret painting of the nautical nursery, "naughty painting"....even though it should have actually been called, "A+ Painting..." cause you know who thought the room looked 100 times better blue?


Ooooof course he did. Men!

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  1. can't wait to see it when it's done! enjoy the pretty rooms now. I cringe when I walk into the mess that is now my sons room


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