Enjoy Them

Our kids are the freaking WORST at bedtime.

I mean, they go to bed, no problem.

They just don't STAY THERE.

I seriously annoy myself at bedtime.

I start out all cool and calm, "Get in your bed. Get in your bed. Get in your bed."

And then after a half hour I'm a screechy flaily crazy lady:


And I am breathing fire, and stomping my feet, and pulling my hair out of my head.

It's not fun and you know what, sometimes I don't want to be not fun.

Sometimes I want to be the one that gets to enjoy them for just an hour, like my friends and their aunts and uncles do.

So the other night, I was thinking about how much they were driving me insane, and also, how much I freaking love them.

They make my whole heart happy, and they make me laugh all day long... they made me a Mother and that's all I have ever wanted to be.

So I grabbed my camera, and got in bed with Boyfriend.

Of course he had some weird guy toy thing in there with him.

I pulled out the camera and said, let's take some pictures.

He was like... "What the heck is going on?"

You are in my bed... in the middle of the night... letting me have toys... and telling me to make funny faces?? 

Are you drunk??

Okay he didn't actually say that what he did say was, "Can my guy be in the pictures??"

It felt kinda cool to not be the Mom for a few minutes. To just... enjoy them.

Who cares about bedtimes anyway?

I make the rules, right?

Fuck yeah I do!

There's nothing aestically pretty about these pictures.... but they are some of my favorites so far in my Mommy life.

And I am so happy that I did this with them.

I know for sure that one day I will look back at these moments with my littles and cry.

Throwing my rule book out the window might just be on the agenda from now on.

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  1. Aww so much fun. Chloe sometimes wants to play way past her bedtime and every now and then I will give in and read her books or sing to her. They're some of my favorite nights.


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