Daffodil Hill

If you've been reading for awhile you know that Husband and I grew up about an hour away from where we currently live, in a completely different corner of our state.

We talk a lot about where we grew up versus where we live now...

There is a lot that we miss about the old... and a lot that we don't love about the new.

Namely... our family is an hour away and that makes just about everything more difficult for us.

But for all the things that we miss, and all the days that we wish we lived closer... we know one thing is for sure...

Our new corner of the state, is by far the most beautiful of them all.

Daffodil Hill is a local hidden gem that we just absolutely adore.

It is only in bloom for two weeks out of every year and it is simply not an option to miss it.

Boyfriend even asked his teacher if she has ever been because he thinks it's the most, "yovey and beautiful place in the whole wide world."

The story goes a married couple planted all these flowers in 1941 for, "all to enjoy".

I don't know if I would enjoy planting nine thousand daffodil bulbs... but I sure as Hell enjoy visiting with my family.

We were lucky enough to get there twice this year, once with my parents, and once with my friend Jen.

I have written about Jen over the years on and off, and she just recently launched her photography business.

She asked if I would like some pictures of the kids near the daffodils and I'm all..

"No. Please. Don't."

Just kidding I pretty much threw the kids at her face and prayed she'd get a good picture.

Even with models like Boyfriend and Girlfriend, who hate the camera (totally my fault)... she was able to catch some great shots of them in the most beautiful landscape ever.

Siggggh... doesn't she look sweet?

She's not. But she looks it!

And isn't he just such a little man??

Looking at pictures like these always tugs at my heart strings a bit...

Because number one... those bendy little Yoda ears... I just want to eat them.

And number two... I know that we wont always live here... even though we love our house, it's too far from family and friends.

But this is where we brought our babies home from the Hospital, and raised them from little nuggets to crazy little maniacs.

Eventually we will move the kids closer towards where we grew up, towards the hustle and bustle of suburbia... but also, Grandparents and Aunts and Uncles.

I will miss this little corner of the state and all of the beauty that it has hiding in it, that's for sure.

It has certainly been very good to us.

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