Four Months and Other Rambling

There are so many words that I want to write so that I can remember every single minute of Boo's baby-ness... but the truth is, I just don't have the time to do it.

The other night I sat down to nurse him and grabbed my phone so I could read the news while he ate.

I do this a lot when it's late at night so I can keep myself awake... but on this particular night, my phone died.

So I just looked at my Dollface and rubbed his little hair.

I realized that he has lots of short thick hair growing in and had my phone been alive, I might have missed this stage of fuzziness.

Time is moving so fast and all I can say for certain is that this baby boy is a constant ray of sunshine in my life every single day.

I know people always say that about their babies, but sometimes they are lying.

I mean sometimes their kid cries, or fusses, or gets them up early or late or is gassy or whiny or won't sleep.

This baby is none of those things.

The number one thing that has remained constant about Boo since the minute he was born, is that he just wants to be near me.

If he can smell me, or hear me, then he is smiling.

It is such an amazing thing to be loved so much by someone so small.

If I've said it once, I've said it one million times... the best part about this baby besides that he is healthy and so, so happy...

Is that he loves me more than anyone has ever loved me in my whole life.

And when you are always the one giving, giving, giving the love... it's nice when someone comes along that just wants to smile at you, hold your hair, and nuzzle you close.

No matter where we put him, high chair, car seat, shopping cart, stroller, carrier... the kid is just happy to be there. 

As long as he can see me, he is just a smiling, happy little lamb chop.

My baby is 4 months old today.... he is 15.3 pounds, and he is in the 90th percentile for height... I cant remember how tall they said he was because I was busy gnawing on his foot.

I am not kidding, he is just delicious and adorable and squishy and just all the things that babies should be.

He is it.

I am so blessed to have this little man in my life.

I owe him proper month posts, full of updates about what he's doing and how he did it.

I will get to them eventually and chock them full of nine thousand pictures of him smiling... because that's all he ever does.

But for tonight, this will have to suffice.... just look at him grow!

And because I am nothing if not consistent in my never ending quest to make sure everyone has the same amount of love, and hugs, and kisses....

My Mom Guilt is telling me to tell the world how much I love the other two too...

I am blessed every day.

My children are insane cannon balls of love, creativity, and craziness.

I wouldn't have it any other way.

Except if they could wipe their own butts one hundred percent of the time, or even only fifty percent of the time... I wouldn't complain.

This post was all over the place because Boyfriend graduated pre-school tonight, which means I am an emotional basket case.

I'm entitled every once in awhile.

The End.


The Black Tank Top

My friend Chris got these great tickets to a Kid's Consignment Sale and asked me to go as her guest.

That might not sound exciting to you but for real this is like the Jay Z concert of Kid's Consignment sales... it is insane how great the deals are.

The women literally line up with rolling laundry baskets and running shoes and will legit throw an elbow to your face if you get in their way.

Even though Chris has tons of other friends, for some reason she has asked me to be her guest twice now... I have no idea how I got so lucky but I am so not complaining.

Anyway, Chris and I tear through the racks and then meet up before waiting in the line to check out.

We kinda show each other our purchases and decide what we should or shouldn't keep as a bargaining team.

After showing her everything in my bag, I pulled out the last item that I was kind of on the fence about.

It was a black tank top with some beading on the collar, a size 4t, so it would be too big for Girlfriend, but it was a dollar.

Chris and I decided that for four quarters... I should get it.

Even though I was kind of like, "Ehh black on a two year old??"

It was a dollar and even if she just played at home in it, it was probably fine.

Fast forward to the other night... when Girlfriend was in Time Out in her room.

Husband was working late and it was allllmost time for bed, but she had said something fresh, and so she went to her room...

After two minutes I yelled up to her to come down and she yelled back, "In a minute! I'm getting ready!"

What the Hell was she getting ready for??

And what child doesn't want to come out of Time Out??

This one....

...Who was apparently getting ready to go to a club.

She found the tank top... and combined it with some Nike running shoes (on the wrong feet, obvi) and her favorite Coach bag.

Let me just state, for the record, that my Girlfriend for sure thought that this was the best kept secret in her wardrobe.

She kept saying, "Thank you for my fancy dress Mom! It is so beautiful!"

Then she asked me to put all her hair up in a pile on the top of her head... which I did.

And thhhhennn... she asked if she could wear makeup, and when I said no, she rubbed ink pads all over her face.

Oh yes she did.

Not long after the stamps I cleaned her up and put her to bed.

When she asked if she could sleep in her Pretty Woman hoochie dress I figured, Sure... why not.

It worked out well... she went to sleep feeling like an absolute stunner, "the Most Beautiful Girl on the Block," according to her...

And I got to see her do the Walk of Shame into my bedroom first thing in the morning.



Nautical Mobile & Other Nursery Updates

This nursery is going to take forever.

Hopefully it will be done before he goes to Kindergarten.

I just don't have the time to bang things out like I used to, ya know?

Turns out kids need attention, and I need sleep... who knew??

If you follow me on Instagram (@ourtinyplace), you know that I am dying over Boo's beautiful new paper mobile.

Likeee... I almost just hung it over my bed and said, "Screw you kid," to Boo.

Just kidding... kind of.

First of all, let me give some major freaking props to Brittany, the shop owner of Lifeswork on Etsy.

Guys... for real... she freaking hand made that thing.

Like each individual knot.

I know... I am totally a quitter and never would have stuck with that business.

And if I did... you can be damn sure I would have charged like two hundred and fiddy dollars for it.. not $60!

Sorry, I cant help it, I feel like I have carpal tunnel FOR HER when I look at all the knots on that thing!!

The last time we talked about Boo's room, we had just hung his humongous anchor wall decal, and it looked like this.

If you're wondering why everything is on two walls, it's because one wall is all windows, and the other is all closets (see this post for more clarification).

I knew I wanted a mobile for over Boo's bed, and although I made Girlfriend's... I am too busy this time to mess with that craftiness.

I always like to have something different, so when I found a totally unique nautical mobile on Etsy... I fell in love, and knew I had to have it.

When the nautical mobile arrived on a light weight ship's wheel, Husband had two thoughts...

1- Cool.
2- I need to hang this shit really well so it doesn't fall on Boo.

Gotta love a man who uses his brain.

The first thing he did was move all of the stuff hanging at the end of the crib.

It was just kind of living there until we could figure out wall placement.

We knew we needed something large and hung low in that spot because the paper mobile was going to hang low and we didn't want it to look too busy.

Plus I didn't want anything to take away from my show stopping mobile, or the giant anchor decal.

My Mom found a fantastic and huge sailboat at Home Goods for $20, score.

After Husband hung that, he climbed onto Boo's crib and started banging on the ceiling trying to find a stud (we have popcorn ceilings, so scraping a stud finder across the top would have made a big freaking mess).

Once he was satisfied that he had shoved a hook good and deep into something pretty solid, he hung up the mobile, towards the end of Boo's bed.

Even though the ship's wheel is not super duper heavy, or wood, it is obviously not a feather... so we made sure to hang it with extra hooks, and at the far end of the bed.

Once it was up there I started my squeaky and flaily routine... it was just so beautiful!!

It just looked so pretty that I couldn't stop staring at it...

Neither could this guy.

Boo is the freaking cutest when he watches this thing.

He absolutely loves it, and no lie... it keeps him quiet for long stretches of time.

Pretty sure there's some kind of baby hypnosis goin on.

Can I get a Hell Yeh!?

Thank you magic paper mobile... I love you.

Plus, hello... it matches.

I'm dying over the stripes on the bed, and the blanket, and the sailboat, plus the mobile... it is totally speaking to me.

Brittany, (remember her? The crazy hand knot lady) had this perfect color combo in her shop already, but if you're in the market for something similar, she can customize them to match your nursery.

So. Many. Knots.

Or your master bedroom... whatever.

This room has ended up full of stripes and anchors in a very non-intentional and organic way.

You may have noticed the anchor box on Boo's book shelf... it came from Jo-Ann's and was like $10 with a coupon.

It houses all of his important papers that I am way too lazy to file.

The anchor pillow on the chair and the little blue and white striped sailor hat are both made by Ralph Lauren.

The giant gray bag was a shower gift from my good friend Kim and it holds all of Boo's baby toys and was also a Home Goods find.

If you've been reading for awhile you know I love to give gifts that are not found on Registries (annoying, but exciting!)... these are a few of the things in our nursery right now that I would totally give to an expectant Mom.

- Wall Decal from Polka Dot Walls
- Nursery Theme Box from JoAnn Fabric
- Squishy Fabric Bag for toys from Home Goods
- Beautiful Paper Crib Mobile from Lifeswork
- MyBaby Sound Spa from Target (this thing is new to us and aweeeesome!)

Any of these items would be useful and loved.

Not to mention if someone gave me a custom decal or a beautiful mobile they would win gift giver of the day in my eyes because seriously, A+ for thinking outside the box!

I still have a long way to go in this room ... like curtains and a crib skirt... some big art for over the changing table...

The list goes on.

But, it is a nice distraction from the laundry and an enjoyable hobby of mine.

I am excited to see where it goes and am happy to have the opportunity to do it.

And like most almost four month olds... Boo could careless what his room looks like.

As long as it has a boob serving warm milk in it every few hours, he's happy to lay around and let me do my thing.


He Said...

So there's this house in our neighborhood that always looks so freaking cute I just can't even stand it.

On the first day of school, she hangs a backpack with pencils and a ruler in it on her front door...

I know.

And the lady who lives in the house has been doing that kind of shit since long before Pinterest existed.

Sidenote: I have always just assumed it is the wife and not the husband that is responsible for the creativeness of this home.

Anyway, It always looks beautiful, and I just love this lady who is behind all the greatness that is this home.

But... I have never met her.

I do however, refer to her as, "My best friend."

I'm all, "Oh my best friend just put the most beautiful wreath on her door! And her hanging plants are out of this world! And her window boxes are humongous and pouring flowers down her house..."

And people are like, "Really? What's her name? Have I ever met her?"

And then I'm like... "Welllll... I actually haven't met her myself, and she doesn't know that I exist, but in my brain we are best friends."

If you know me, or have been reading this blog for awhile, it probably doesn't surprise you that I am best friends with someone I don't know.

I get excited about everything, even someone else's house.

And today was no different... because today... TODAY... her flag looked like board shorts.

Like an actual pair of Hawaiian shorts just flittering away in the breeze.

God I just love that woman and her love of cute flags.

So I said to the kids, "Guys! Gosh Guys! I just really need to be friends with that lady! Look at her cute flag!"

And Boyfriend, who has been driving by her house with me for years, was all, "Why don't you just ask her to be your friend Mom?"

And I'm like, "Yeh! I should! Maybe she will say yes!"

And he's all... "Orrrr... Maybe she will say no and think you are totally weird."

Hmm.. maybe he has a point.




Last night I made yellow wolverine cupcakes for Boyfriend to take to school for his birthday.

Granted, his birthday is still two weeks away, but school will be over by then and he begged and begged to bring cupcakes to school for his class, so... they celebrated early.


The morning began with me taking Boyfriend's picture before school... like I do everyday.

Then I snagged a quick picture of Girlfriend too because, she dresses herself these days and holy train wreck...

I popped both kids plus the baby into the car and went to school.

Mind you, when I put them in the car, that is what they looked like.... batman, and a train wreck.

Then I park at Boyfriend's school, open Girlfriend's door to let her out and find her face, and hands covered in yellow.

Uh... what the what?

How did this happen between home and school.

I coulda sworn when we left the house that she did not look like she was covered in iodine, and yet, here we are at school... with a crazy yellow woman, not to mention the insane outfit.

Before I can speak she's all: "DoIlookbeautiful?"

She says it so fast that's its just a one word question with a lot of syllables.

And then, "Doyouyikemymakeup?"

I gave her the answers that she was looking for of course.

Yes, she looked beautiful.

Yes, her makeup was perfect.

I very carefully pulled my old Coach bag out of her hands as I spoke and found the yellow food coloring that she had snagged off the counter buried in the bottom.

Lucky for me, I was saved by another Mom in the parking lot that offered to watch my yellow Girlfriend and my happy baby while I brought Boyfriend and his cupcakes into school.

So this time, I dodged an embarrassing bullet.

I mean, I was okay with her looking like a lunatic in her crazy ass outfit... but I couldn't have the kid looking like I don't wash her face!!

There has to be a line somewhere, and mine is apparently drawn in yellow food coloring.

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Daffodil Hill

If you've been reading for awhile you know that Husband and I grew up about an hour away from where we currently live, in a completely different corner of our state.

We talk a lot about where we grew up versus where we live now...

There is a lot that we miss about the old... and a lot that we don't love about the new.

Namely... our family is an hour away and that makes just about everything more difficult for us.

But for all the things that we miss, and all the days that we wish we lived closer... we know one thing is for sure...

Our new corner of the state, is by far the most beautiful of them all.

Daffodil Hill is a local hidden gem that we just absolutely adore.

It is only in bloom for two weeks out of every year and it is simply not an option to miss it.

Boyfriend even asked his teacher if she has ever been because he thinks it's the most, "yovey and beautiful place in the whole wide world."

The story goes a married couple planted all these flowers in 1941 for, "all to enjoy".

I don't know if I would enjoy planting nine thousand daffodil bulbs... but I sure as Hell enjoy visiting with my family.

We were lucky enough to get there twice this year, once with my parents, and once with my friend Jen.

I have written about Jen over the years on and off, and she just recently launched her photography business.

She asked if I would like some pictures of the kids near the daffodils and I'm all..

"No. Please. Don't."

Just kidding I pretty much threw the kids at her face and prayed she'd get a good picture.

Even with models like Boyfriend and Girlfriend, who hate the camera (totally my fault)... she was able to catch some great shots of them in the most beautiful landscape ever.

Siggggh... doesn't she look sweet?

She's not. But she looks it!

And isn't he just such a little man??

Looking at pictures like these always tugs at my heart strings a bit...

Because number one... those bendy little Yoda ears... I just want to eat them.

And number two... I know that we wont always live here... even though we love our house, it's too far from family and friends.

But this is where we brought our babies home from the Hospital, and raised them from little nuggets to crazy little maniacs.

Eventually we will move the kids closer towards where we grew up, towards the hustle and bustle of suburbia... but also, Grandparents and Aunts and Uncles.

I will miss this little corner of the state and all of the beauty that it has hiding in it, that's for sure.

It has certainly been very good to us.


Nautical Nursery Decal

If you follow me on Instagram (@ourtinyplace), then you have already seen this amazing nautical wall decal for Boo's room...

I am totally smitten with it.... it is total show stopper.

I got this piece from an etsy shop called Polka Dot Walls.

I asked the shop owner, Meg, about a million questions about how to attach it, what font to chose, etc etc...

She was so helpful and even sent me a few extra anchors just because!

Even with all her extra advice as to how to hang it (plus sweet handwritten tips)... I was still super anxious about putting it on the wall for a lot of reasons.

Number 1, I am not anal enough to care if something is peerrrrfectly straight.

Number 2, what if I couldn't get it off and we end up moving?

Number 3, what if I did that thing where you get the front stuck on the back and then it would be a total freaking waste?

I was hashing out these reasons with my friend Rachie, who is creative and OCD about her creativity... and she was all, "I'll do it. Get me a stool."

One second later she was picking out the perfect spot on the wall for our giant anchor.

Wait let me back up.

Before she placed our humongous anchor (it's actually  20" x 28"), she decided to hang one of the smaller, extra anchors... just to get comfortable with how easy they were to position, you know?

I feel like that was a freaking genuis idea... and honestly, it's a step I never would have taken because I am much more, "Do it now, fix it later," ya know??

Anyway, Rachie placed the tiny anchor, found out that it was easy to peel off it need be, and then went for it with the big boy anchor.

Meg's directions made perfect sense and within about ten minutes.... we were stepping back to admire Rachie's work.

She did pull it off the wall and re-adjust it once, and even used her iPhone level to do it!

So even though I didn't actually do the application myself, I saw first hand that this was a pretty easy process.

The next step was adding Boo's name.

Once again Meg pulled through with her hand written instructions, and this time, those were invaluable because we were all, "Uhhh... how do we keep it straight?"

Lucky for us, Meg was one step ahead of us and we just lined up the triangles per her directions.

Once the stickers were on the wall Rachie used her cell phone to smooth out any bubbles and then verrry slowly pulled the backing off...

This picture shows all of the colors accurately and the combo is absolutely perfect.

 I couldn't love the finished product anymore... it reminds me of the back of an elegant boat!

Minus the actual boat part.

This room still has a long way to go, but new paint, rugby stripe sheets and lamp, and a nautical nursery decal have certainly changed the face of this former cupcake nursery.
If you're in the market for a nursery decal, I know etsy has five hundred different shops to choose from, but I cant recommend Polka Dot Walls enough; they, with the help of Rachie, made this a totally "seamless" process.

Pun intended!


She Said...

Girlfriend got put in Time Out yesterday... again... for using fresh words... again.

She never takes well to Time Out.

In fact, pretty much loses her shit for the entire time that she sits there.

The whole, "Handle this calmly and quickly," mentality is completely lost on her and she would much rather just got buck freaking wild instead.

This particular time was no exception..

It's hard to quote her directly on all of this (not sure how to even begin to articulate or spell the wrath that is a two year old's temper tantrum)... but for sure we heard her yell:






That last one is questionable... I would go ahead and say there's a teensy bit of lunatic in there too.


Enjoy Them

Our kids are the freaking WORST at bedtime.

I mean, they go to bed, no problem.

They just don't STAY THERE.

I seriously annoy myself at bedtime.

I start out all cool and calm, "Get in your bed. Get in your bed. Get in your bed."

And then after a half hour I'm a screechy flaily crazy lady:


And I am breathing fire, and stomping my feet, and pulling my hair out of my head.

It's not fun and you know what, sometimes I don't want to be not fun.

Sometimes I want to be the one that gets to enjoy them for just an hour, like my friends and their aunts and uncles do.

So the other night, I was thinking about how much they were driving me insane, and also, how much I freaking love them.

They make my whole heart happy, and they make me laugh all day long... they made me a Mother and that's all I have ever wanted to be.

So I grabbed my camera, and got in bed with Boyfriend.

Of course he had some weird guy toy thing in there with him.

I pulled out the camera and said, let's take some pictures.

He was like... "What the heck is going on?"

You are in my bed... in the middle of the night... letting me have toys... and telling me to make funny faces?? 

Are you drunk??

Okay he didn't actually say that what he did say was, "Can my guy be in the pictures??"

It felt kinda cool to not be the Mom for a few minutes. To just... enjoy them.

Who cares about bedtimes anyway?

I make the rules, right?

Fuck yeah I do!

There's nothing aestically pretty about these pictures.... but they are some of my favorites so far in my Mommy life.

And I am so happy that I did this with them.

I know for sure that one day I will look back at these moments with my littles and cry.

Throwing my rule book out the window might just be on the agenda from now on.

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